Day in the Life monthly project

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It’s no secret that I’m a *little* bit in love with Ali Edwards.

So – at the end of January she suggested a monthly Day in the Life memory keeping project I thought, ‘yep, of course.’

Of course.

I participated in Week in the Life back in summer of 2011, and while I think I do an OK job recording the everyday stuff around our life on a regular basis, I love the idea of a big day-long, in-depth binge of photo taking and note-taking.

Andrew is AMAZING about playing along. He takes so many photos for me for the week.

I keep a Word doc open on my computer (at home and at work) with timestamps + commentary. For the times that I’m not sitting at a computer (admittedly not often), I send emails to myself and take screenshots of the time on my phone (i.e. park my car at work at 2:19p before walking the quarter mile into the building).

This year Ali designed a set of 6×12 Day In The Life layered templates that you can use as inserts in Project Life.

I, however, decided early on I wanted to include more than would fit in a single insert so will be ….. (drum roll please)…..

Making a Blurb book!

I know. You’re shocked.

I’ve started already with January. Once I get the basic design/layout decided on, it will be easy to replicate for each month.

Just a look at our final day of January … morning at home, errands, then boring day job until about midnight……



Our final day of February was very similar (except more annoying), since it was also a Thursday.

I’m looking forward to Day in the Life for March – since it’s a Sunday AND a couple days before my birthday (so possible family bday events coming). And my *hope* is future months’ Days-in-the-Life will not involve said day job :)

Are you participating in Day in the Life?

How are you recording them?

P.S.. 3×3 photo template is from Paislee Press

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