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Spring has sprung around here! Around here lately ….

…. I’ve assisted on several photo shoots for Maggie Keegan Gross Photography

…. Our backyard has been neglected, but Andrew loves working back there so it’s coming together now

… Fruit and veggies are in season again – I bought a couple fantastic cantaloupes last week!

… Our kitties are rat-killers. They have utterly destroyed a couple of their toys.

… We’ve been watching Game of Thrones season 2. I HATE that HBO shows are not on live streaming, but we can look forward to the discs.

… SO many good veggies. Raw green beans that I just eat by the handful. Instead of chips, for example.

… I’ve gotten to be an expert in packing salads for Andrew and I to take to work. LOVE them.

… Started working on a big big blogging ecourse for release soon! Can’t wait for y’all to see what is in store.

… Currently obsessed with SMASH, especially this song from the first episode of this season. I’ll be sad when it’s cancelled at the end of this season

.. Bought a couple EliseJoy stamps and used one of them in my recent BLURB book about our 1 year house tour.

What have YOU been up to?

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