A year of brave (8)

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A year of brave

This year I’m going to be BRAVE.

Sometimes BRAVE means doing something brand new, sometimes it means doing that thing you’ve been putting off for months.

Every Sunday (or so) I want to post about something BRAVE-ish I’ve done recently – to keep myself accountable to actually DO something AND to remind you being brave is not always lion taming and hang-gliding.

glassesLast week:

I got glasses.

I know, I know. I’m such a daredevil :)

But the point is NOT that I finally got off my butt to do a little bit of (Yelp!) research, finally called to make an appointment and went in.

The point is that getting my glasses-situation squared away is one of my ‘escape-my-current-job’ steps!

My current day job reimburses optical expenses, so getting my eyes checked and getting glasses if necessary is something that I want to take advantage of before I no longer work there.

SO excited to have this 1 (little) thing crossed off my before-I-quit to do list! A couple more to come this month, too.

P.S. My eyes are really not that bad, except driving at night. So don’t expect to see a ton of photos of my with glasses on :)

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