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  • ┬áSpring. I love spring in SoCal
  • I’ve been working on my new monster blogging ecourse … my brain has been working overtime. I kind of love it.
  • If you are trying to build your blog into a business – what are your major struggles and hurdles?
  • 100 books by black women everyone must read
  • 100 books by white women everyone must read
  • I had to get up early (for me) on the weekend and even though I was sleepy, I honestly loved it.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I CANNOT WAIT until I no longer have a day job until 11p each night.
  • Work-Life Harmony (and being addicted to busyness)
  • I have this thing where I don’t like to renew library books if I can help it, but instead am sure to read them in the 3 weeks allotted.
  • But I have this other thing where I’m addicted to books and I check out 4 at a time and then 2 more a week later.
  • So, needless to say I’ve been reading A LOT lately. And I love it.
  • As of right now I have 4 books in-house and 4 more coming the beginning of next week.
  • Follow me on Goodreads here.
  • Andrew is off from his ‘day job’ all this week and into next. LOVE having him home :)
  • Of course, he’s booked up with a lot of freelance sessions, but still.
  • REMINDER: Subscribe to L&R before Google Reader goes away
  • I’ve said it before … I’m obsessed with SMASH:

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