February is for

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  • being brave
  • Registration opens for March 2013’s 30 Days of Lists! On Monday. Make sure you’re on the email list for first notice
  • Valentine’s Day. We don’t really do anything special, though.
  • SMASH begins! Love that show! Excited for Jeremy Jordan to be on this season
  • Working at my new parttime job. More on that later. Not quite yet.
  • planting, I think. Our backyard is a WRECK but if I want to plant veggies I think this is the month
  • That’s what Sunset tells me anyway
  • playing more with Photoshop. The last few weeks (teaching myself) has been super fun. I just wish I had more time
  • Maybe painting. We got a handmedown table and chairs that I think I’m going to sand down and paint.
  • reading a lot. I have a bunch of library books coming soon
  • Writing. I want to write ~15,000 words of my new novel each month. Needless to say I’m behind.

What do you have planned?

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