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Around here ….

….Lots of visits to the library. Currently have 2 library books at home with another 2 to pick up. I should post about how I decide what to read. It’s a little ridiculous. (sidenote: I love that at my library I can get my own ‘Holds’ off the shelf and don’t have to wait for a librarian to help like at our last library)

….new coffeepot. Spent more than I thought a coffeepot needed to be, so hopefully it will last a lot longer than our previous one(s)

….Andrew had to say good-bye to his brother. He lives in Chicago and is more or less a starving artist so who knows when he’ll be out here again

….starting to work on our backyard a little. We’ve owned this house for a year but had way too much going on last spring to even bother with the backyard at all.  I’m thinking vegetable garden at the very least.

….a little Friday night tradition of watching the previous Sunday’s Downton Abbey episode in bed. Bummed the season is over so quickly!

….Now that the weather is slightly warmer Andrew has been grilling more. He loves making these absurdly tall burgers. But they’re super tasty so who’s going to stop him?

…..Assisted at a newborn photo session

…..Andrew has been mixing A LOT. We got a handmedown table and chairs that are not quite big enough for our dining room, so he’s taken over as his mixing desk.

…..Fang destroys everything. EVERYTHING.

…..I participated in Ali’s Day in the Life in January and I hope to every month. More later. My plan is to put together a Blurb book of all 12 DitLs from 2013 (instead of making it a Project Life insert).

….part of my new parttime job duties involve runs to the UPS store. I’ve been more often in the last few weeks than in all of the previous 10 years combined.

…..drove down to San Diego to see my friend Jamie’s new house! A house-warming party on a Saturday afternoon. She and her boyfriend Zack bought a 1960-something house on a hill overlooking their suburb. It’s super cute and 60s and a little bit rural (their next door neighbor shot video of a bobcat running through their yard). I love it!

….At the house-warming party we played giant-Jenga

….We actually visited San Diego on our way to Phoenix. Not technically “on the way” but we needed to be both places that weekend so we spent quite a bit of time driving.

….In Phoenix we saw more family in one day than in a long long time. Saw one of my uncles I may not have seen since my wedding 7 years ago. Ate LOTS of food (and brought some home)

….Trying new recipes (and Andrew helps when he can)

….As mentioned, our backyard is a wreck. But in the recent rain all this clover (and some grass) has come up. It’s kind of lovely. And strange, since last spring we didn’t get any clover – just a bunch of weeds.

….Andrew has been making a ton of Ghostbot Record t-shirts. Made the stencil and is spraypainting each one of them. He used to make all kinds of tshirts when we met and first started dating. Excited he’s doing it again!

….and then he’s hanging/laying them out to dry in our garage. It’s a bizarre sight.

….Getting into Vine videos! I’m under Amy T Schubert. You can also follow Andrew Schubert (he’s been posting a ton from recent recording sessions – he’s recording an album for Pangea right now.).*

….assisted at another photo shoot at Annenberg Community Beach House. I’ve always wanted to go there and never had a reason. SUPER stylish modern-y decor. I can’t wait to see how these family photos turn out!

What have you been up to?

*P.S. Used a Mac app that turns Vine videos into animated gifs. Read about here.

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