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As we end our little productivity workshop … Here are another HUGE chunk of resources for you to go through when you have a chance …

And be sure to leave your favorite productivity tips in the comments!


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  • Nancy January 13, 2013 at 12:41 pm edit

    My biggest productivity tip is…don’t do anything else until you’ve completed your primary task. For example, for decades when I get home from work I wouldn’t sit down. I’d start on dinner or household chores right away and I not sit down until dinner was on the table. That’s because I discovered long ago that once I sit down I’m done. I get distracted and relaxed and unmotivated, so I just keep going until the job is done. The same goes in the morning. No reading the paper or even checking email, etc. If I have an important task that needs to be done I wake up and do it. Sometimes I even stay in my pajamas so as not to get sidetracked. Some days you’ll find me still in my pj’s late in the day because I had a big spring cleaning or organizing project that needed to be done and I never got around to getting dressed. I don’t feel guilty about that. I feel like my priority for the day is the task at hand and getting dressed is farther down on the list.

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