In the last month: January

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self-portrait taken for my One Little Word project

self-portrait taken for my One Little Word project – “bravely” make-up less



listened to:

  • caught up with the last month of Writing Excuses podcast. Love that one.
  • caught up with Stuff you Should Know and Stuff You Missed in History Class
  • In the Heights soundtrack (on CD even) when iPod stopped working


  • my nephew is the cutest ever. Obviously.
  • putting the Dropbox app on my phone to automatically back up my photos. Miraculous. How have I not done this before!!?
  • Photoshop. SO much fun to play with!
  • remembered how much I love Ricky Nelson. He hosted an episode of SNL that I watched.
  • I have a way with words. I need to be reminded of that every once in awhile. A friend asked for my help in shaping up her TV show idea treatment.
  • I would be nowhere w/o Kam. We’ve been trucking on our 30Lists progress and I couldn’t do it alone!


(holy cow, a LOT this month)

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