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Around here lately …

… we’ve both had our share of sick days. Andrew the week of New Years and me the week after.

… helped a friend fine-tune her TV show pitch treatment. SO interesting :)

(reminder: You can hire me to edit your ebook, academic paper, TV show pitch, etc. Email me for details)

… I’m really trying to embrace my One Little Word this year. Taking Ali’s workshop is helping so far!

… got all the way up to a week-and-a-half ahead on scheduling blog posts! Miraculous! Also, necessary since I’ve got quite a bit else to do.

… related: gearing up for 30Lists! Kam and I send about 4 emails/day back and forth. Plus Twitter DM plus texts. Registration opens Feb 4 so get ready!

… finally (finally) bought Photoshop (Elements 11) and spent about 4 hours one night watching all of Cathy Zielske’s tutorial videos. You have seen the first result already – just wait til you see my Project Life for 2013!

… Andrew has been really REALLY busy with recording projects! I’m so proud of him! We need to get his website/credits list updated so you can see what I mean.

…. kitty snuggles. They sleep on/between our legs. Wake us up at 630a to be fed. And then come back to bed for the warm spot between our legs. Love them.

… Trying to make walking around our neighborhood more of a habit.

… sprucing up my resume. Just realized my first job was more than 10 years ago (gah! I feel old) so took that off recently.

…. experimenting with different ways to encourage newsletter sign-ups. I tried a pop-up for a couple weeks that worked well – except for several people who couldn’t get it to go away. Grr….

.. Date night at home. Pizza delivered (feels so luxurious to not cook) and Batman (The Dark Knight Rises)

… Fang’s new favorite game is peek-a-boo. True story.

… visited a friend and her adorable 9-month old. He’s at the stage where pulling everything off the shelf is the most fun thing ever.

… my brother-in-law came out for a week from Chicago! Weeded part of my backyard for fun. Weird. Andrew was happy to see him

… Saw my awesome nephew over the weekend. He’s getting SO BIG!

… and he’s *kinda* learning to walk! Superstar. 8 months old

…. Got the Project Life Seafoam kit for my 2013 album!

FULL monh!

What’s new with you?


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