A year of BRAVE (2)

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A year of brave

This year I’m going to be BRAVE.

Sometimes BRAVE means doing something brand new, sometimes it means doing that thing you’ve been putting off for months.

Every Sunday (or so) I want to post about something BRAVE-ish I’ve done recently – to keep myself accountable to actually DO something AND to remind you being brave is not always lion taming and hang-gliding.

Last week:

I taught myself Photoshop (with some help from CZ Design). More on this later, but for purposes of this blog post I wanted to show you the first thing I made.


Project Life journaling card designed by Amy T Schubert | right click to save

(Why yes, those are the fonts/colors used in my new L&R logo. Yes I DO love the work that Kara Haupt did for me)

I’ve been thinking about designing a custom stamp just for me. I still might. But I always wanted something that says “fun and love”.

Because that is something that Andrew and I ALWAYS say to each other.

As in

Q: “What do you want to do when you get home?”
A: “fun and love”


Q: “Why did you do that?”
A: “For fun and for love.”

It’s really a good catch-all response :)

So! I learned a little tiny bit of Photoshop in the last week or so …. and now I’m going to be BRAVE and show you all my beginning work.

And make it available to you.

Even though I don’t REALLY know what I’m doing. Even though it’s a little scary to put this kind of creative work that I’m not really sure about out there.

You can click on the image and download the .png file to use in your own Project Life or other memory keeping project.

It’s a big big image file, so you’ll need to size it down if you want to use it as a 3×4 journaling card (it’s the right proportions, at least).

I’m already excited to use it in my own Project Life!

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