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Around here lately …

…. We ate outside on Thanksgiving! We went to Phoenix and ate Thanksgiving in my aunt’s backyard.

… and the same weekend (in Phoenix) we got to meet my cousin’s baby. He was born in August (that’s him with my mom).

… SO much baked goods and sweets at the day job. I work in an office with about 40 people so there is ALWAYS something.

(gratuitous kitten grooming photo)

… our nephew came by to visit us and show us how he’s standing (with a lot of help)

… Went to Andrew’s work holiday party

… Went with my mother-in-law to help her pick out her Christmas tree.

… got our own (fake) tree that the cats climbed into and basically ruined.

… We saw THE HOBBIT at 12:30a the night it opened !

… Andrew got a new iPhone. Awesome for him and awesome for me since he takes Project Life photos for me

… family craft day at my mother-in-laws. Andrew’s sister and aunt and cousin came out to make Christmas wreaths.

… friends dropped by at 10:30p in spite of work the next morning.

… wrapped gifts with small pieces of packing tape. Because apparently I still haven’t unpacked the box with scotch tape in it.

… waited up til 3a for my brother to get into town with his dog – and then having him come in too quickly for the cats to escape upstairs.

… my brother got the cats a BIG stuffed rat toy. … and they chewed the face off in the first 12 hours.

… as long as the dog (named Muppet) was sleeping or laying still, Fang could be brave and get a little closer.

… made dinner for 6 people Saturday night….

… and then brunch for 13 people Sunday morning.

… my brother taught my cousins Texas Hold ’em.

… Fang started to get more and more brave with the dog. Until the dog decided she wanted to play and started chasing Fang through the house.

… we did Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve. We had said no gifts – only stocking stuffers – but it didn’t work out that way.

… Andrew and I also agreed no gifts – but then he handpainted ornaments of our cats. And they are amazing.

What have you all been up to?

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