Layout inspiration: National Geographic

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So I’ve been plugging away at my Scotland Blurb book (it’s, you know … a PROJECT) …. and I’ve been looking for some layout inspiration here and there.

Blurb does a great job of providing a variety of different templates for any number of uses. Not only for a cookbook or a portfolio book or an Instagram book, but dozens of template options within each of the available categories.

Many of the Blurb templates just have too much white-space for me. I want to be able to be able to fit more photos on a page, and be more specific about where I put the text (depending on what the photo on that page looks like).

That said, I have been creating a few myself using their BookSmart software, and have been on the lookout for design ideas for more.

National Geographic Magazines are a fantastic resource for page layout ideas! Because so many of their stories are photo-centric, you can get some great design inspiration by flipping through any issue….

Love this 2-page title layout.

This is *kind of* what I was referencing when creating my section title pages for my Scotland Blurb book. Of course, each section title in my book is only 1-word long, so I couldn’t spread it across both pages.

Another idea: 2-page spread of 1 photo with text actually ON the photo itself in the “white space”. Not all that different from how I add text in Project Life.

Or this one: Large horizontal photo coming across 1 page and about 1/3 into the next, leaving about 2/3rds of a page for a big title and some descriptor text.

This one below I think I’ll use a lot …. Whenever I ask Andrew to take a photo of me he usually takes 8 or 10 or more in the same place. So I tend to have a bunch of photos of me in the exact same position, but making different faces or similar. How fun to have them all on one page….

This page is a great breather: wide, calm photo taking up most of the 2-pages, with some small spot for text in the column

I like the inclusion of 3 busy photos on one side and slightly more breathing room/room for text on the other side.

I’m so excited to keep working on my Blurb book …. I LOVED our trip to Scotland and it’s been fun to relive it a little as I work on designing the book

What are your favorite resources for design inspiration?

(all layouts from National Geographic December 2011 issue)

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