Weekend project: READ an ebook

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weekend project

I have a folder on my desktop labeled ‘ebooks’

As in ‘ebooks-I-have-paid-for-and-downloaded-and-still-not-read’. There are currently 56 files in there.

Which doesn’t even include all of the self-paced ecourses whose material is housed online and not yet downloaded/backed up to my computer. Or any of the ebooks that may be hiding in other folders elsewhere on my computer.


All of these are marketing resources or blogging resources or lifestyle resources or productivity resources or creativity resources or or or ….

All perfectly solid resources that I’m sure I will learn something from. All far more valuable to my daily life than the American History I’ve been reading instead.


My Weekend Project is to READ one of those ebooks

I have quite a few to choose from….

I would recommend these if you haven’t read them:

I haven’t totally decided which ebook I’ll be reading this weekend, but I’m leaning toward:

  • Your Big Beautiful Book Plan – I’ve skimmed through this once, and even paid $$ to have it physically printed for me, but this is the kind of resource that deserves close attention, a notepad close by and focused reading*
  • Storyology – technically an ecourse online, but still. It’s not like me to leave something from Ali Edwards unread
  • Blogwise – blogging productivity. Hoping there are some tricks in there for me since I’m planning on expanding my blogging efforts*

 What will you be doing this weekend?

Full disclosure: A good chunk of those ebooks were free-if-you-give-your-email-address.
Which is still payment, if not monetary.

*affiliate link

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  • MacGirl September 6, 2012 at 3:59 am edit

    I have one of these folders in my Dropbox, so I can read them at work or at home. I’ve skim read them all but there’s a few that I need to really delve into further and work my way through. My weekend will be spent working on the three courses/challenges I’m working on at the moment, 30 Lists, O and U and Shimelle’s Learn Something New (which I’m doing in a Blurb book).

  • Kam September 7, 2012 at 10:05 am edit

    I have a folder in Dropbox, too!

    I think my biggest guilty pleasure is buying online workshops/courses and then never going through them…

  • Anna (sixtyfourcolorbox) September 7, 2012 at 9:13 pm edit

    I read an article recently (I wish I had saved the link) about a researcher who has a library of hundreds, if not thousands of unread books. He collects them not to read, but to use as a resource for his research. Maybe we all need such a library. I’m not certain how my rather large-unread library of fiction books will help with any research, but you never know!

    This weekend I will be catching up on my lists. I plan to finish this weeks and have next weeks ready to post.

  • Cate September 10, 2012 at 4:07 pm edit

    Ive got into the habit of importing ebooks straight into iTunes once I’ve saved them – I find that since I got an iPad, I’m more inclined to read all those things-that-have-been-unread-for-so-long. Now I just need to remember to have a notepad beside me for thos a-ha moments!


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