5 easy ways to stay inspired while blogging

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My husband writes for a blog with a friend, and when he first started he was “blogging like crazy” (his words) … Now if you visit the site you’ll see the latest entry was in February.

He has a system – he puts on a record and sits in his ‘working’ spot and blogs …. Except now he doesn’t. The “system” no longer works.

Between being crazy busy and blogging being so much work, both Andrew and his co-blogger completely fell off the wagon and have apparently given up on the site.

They’ve lost their inspiration.

I’m SURE that has happened to you to, if you have a blog. It happens to me about once a month. Or more.

That said …. I’ve got a couple go-to tricks to stay inspired while blogging:

Write down every idea you get

… whether you need to use it right then or not.

I’ve written before about how to keep track of blog ideas. If you’re not already, you need to start keeping a notebook or note-writing app or similar. You really never know when an idea will find you, and you don’t want to lose it.

I’ve even taken to using the voice memo app on my phone, since I get ideas during my (long) drive to and from work.

Maintain a blogging schedule

Keeping an editorial calendar for your blog is wonderful and magical. I can’t praise it enough.

But if you find yourself with waves of inspiration (and valleys of blah), maintaining an editorial calendar can help you even out that blogging mojo a bit.

Let’s say you get an idea for a multi-post series. You can write them all at once, when you’re feeling the inspiration, and schedule them for once a week for a month. That way, next week when you’re feeling burnt out and uninspired you know you already have an awesome post ready to go.

Blogging ahead has saved me more than once.

Start a new project

This can be learning something new (I’m currently working on United States History) or creating something new (like a minibook or an ecourse).

Either learning new things or focusing your efforts on a new creation will distract you from whatever creative block is keeping you from blogging. Then the new ideas you’re reading about or working on will lead to the new ideas you need for your blog.

Talk it over

Maybe you have a couple ideas you can run by a friend. Maybe you have no ideas and just complain to your husband.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you – and conversations you have with them can only be good for you and inspire you.

Step away from the computer

Take a walk, mindfully do the dishes, do something to jump start your creativity and shift your perspective.

I often find that creative inspiration tends to find me when I’m in a new place, trying something new, or just getting out of my regular routine.

Not to get super-sciency on you or anything … but creativity is all about making new connections between otherwise unconnected things. In order to jump start our creativity, we need to start seeing the same ol’ same ol’ in a brand new way. We need to shift our perspective and our point-of-view – by stepping away from the computer.

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How do you stay inspired while blogging?

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