O and U excerpt : Challenge assumptions

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The following is an excerpt from week six of Onward and Upward. The eight-week online workshop begins next Tuesday, September 4. Onward and Upward is an 8-week online workshop that will help you get out of your rut and take things to the next level. Read O&U alumnus Allie’s review here or register today!

The first couple weeks we’ll talk about making that mind shift to recognizing and being ready for the fact that you don’t just have to do what your parents did, or continue in your cubicle job because of the benefits. The weeks following we’ll be talking about how to figure out what you want to do instead, what you should do. Your GREAT WORK. Until, week six we’ll talk about different inspirations and methods of doing our GREAT WORK. Maybe a charity can use your skills, maybe you are leaning toward starting a business. This week is about finding a new and memorable way to make your mark.

One important way to make your GREAT WORK awesome is to be sure that you really stand out – and one solid way to make sure you are standing out is to really challenge assumptions.

Challenge the way you’ve been thinking. Challenge the way your industry or niche thinks. Don’t just do things the way everyone else does just because it’s easiest – take a look at what assumptions your industry has and question question question!

For example, let’s take real estate. My husband and I last year went shopping for our first house. One of the first things our realtor eased our minds about was his contract. Unlike a big chunk of realtors in the industry, our realtor doesn’t require any kind of contract for us to stay exclusively with him.

Other realtors will have clients sign a contract so they can have a cut of whatever commission is earned when the clients buy the house, whether the realtor was fired before then or not.

So our realtor – Bryan Frieders with Firehouse Team – took a look at that model, that assumption, and just threw it out. His thinking is he wants his clients to be happy with whoever helps them find a house, even if it’s not him.

And let me tell you ….. SO refreshing. I’m sure a big part of why he gets so many referrals is that he does things differently and past clients are happy to refer new ones.

So, how are you going to make your GREAT WORK awesome? What can you do that is different than what your industry and competitors do? What assumptions and standards are you going to rebel against?

Think about:

What assumptions are you working within? What assumptions are made in your industry? What assumptions are your competitors working within? What is one thing about your industry, niche or GREAT WORK that has always bothered you and you can change today? What assumptions do you need to consider carefully before going along with it?

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