Project Life: the process so far with supplies

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Project Life is trucking along …. I now have about 3 months down (out of 9 for 2012).

As you may recall, one of my stated intentions with Project Life was to use the project to power through some of the scrapbooking supplies that I have accumulated over the last almost-20 years of being a scrapbooker.

But, as with any new project, I couldn’t just stick to that …. I have no need to buy any paper (especially as I’m using so little of it), but there were a couple other things I ended up buying new.

Adhesive, for instance.

But in reality, if you look at all my Project Life spreads, I am using very very little scrapbooking supplies. And that would probably be the best way to sum up the process so far with supplies for Project Life. I’m using a lot of white cardstock for journaling, and then every other week or so I throw in something a little fancier.

But I’ll say it time and time again – I’m a words+photos kind of girl and this is what works for me.

I am loving my Project Life pages so far, even though they’re not very “scrapbooky”.

Here’s a look at the small handful of supplies in use for Project Life:

I treated myself to 2 of Elise Cripe’s new stamp line – SO much fun. I prefer stamps to stickers in general (cost-effectiveness), but want to try to only get stamps that won’t seem dated in 9 months.

I really think that these 2 stamps from Elise – ‘THIS” and “TODAY IS” – fit that mold. The only thing is I wish I had another THIS arrow pointing the other way. No matter. (sidenote: These stamps are no longer available, but I believe she mentioned releasing a new line in the fall)

I had to buy myself a new ink pad – as my previous black one was in storage for 4 years and dried out. Surprise surprise. But so far I’ve only gotten black. Wait, correction. ColorBox ‘Wicked Black.’  As I use these so infrequently, I haven’t yet found myself wishing for another color. I’m sure that will change :)

Also (in the bottom left corner of the photo), I got myself a date stamp (from SMASH). My previous date stamp only goes to … 2013 maybe? I mean I used it all through the early 2000s so I got plenty of use out of it – but it was time for a new one!


I also decided to experiment with washi tape.

Everyone and their mother has been gushing about the magic of washi tape in the last …. 6 months or so. SO I thought I’d give it a shot.

The black polka dot pictured above is Smash brand from Target – the other 4 are from Freckled Fawn. So far I’m not in love, but they have been a fun tool to use for my summer minibook here and there. But that’s a different post :)

I still have a BUNCH of Le Plume and some other kinds of markers that did not dry out in the last 4 years in storage. Some are threatening to, and I will likely replace them, but this bunch that I have available has been working for Project Life for me so far.

Reminder: I used to work for Michael’s Arts and Crafts when I was right out of high school, and had the sale prices and schedule basically memorized. Which means these were probably purchased about 10 years ago. Not too bad for $1.50 or so each.

I’ve been using these for a little journaling embellishments and the READ-WATCH cards.

I have a few small pads of patterned paper that have showed up in my Christmas stockings or Easter baskets over the last few years. These are 5×7 pads of patterned paper, so I’ve been using them mostly for background paper in the 4×6 pockets.

I did buy some of the Project Life line of 3×4 grid journaling cards. I knew the convenience of having journaling cards already cut to that size would outweigh the few bucks it was going to cost. Easy.

And now to my piles and piles of scrap paper ….. I keep my scrap colored cardstock in this wooden magazine holder. Not at all organized. I usually just sift through the sheets until I see something that will work for what I need.

I keep my white scrap paper separate in this (beat up) page protector. Easy to just grab a piece when I need one for journaling.

That’s it. That’s basically all I use.

Of course, I could expand out a bit – especially if I had photoshop* and a printer…. But I don’t NEED anything more. But if I *did* have some money to play with, I’d get some of these fun supplies linked below …

Still want to buy:

I have found some free journaling card downloads that I like – these and these.

And then on top of all that, I’ve been thinking more and more about adding STUFF into the pages. Kam is GREAT at this. She wrote this great post – Things I would like to see included in my Project Life binder – reminding herself of all the fun non-photo things that could help record memories of the year.

LOVE it. Of course, mentally I can’t get past ‘plane tickets’ wishing I was going on a vacation of some kind this year. But still … .Love the idea. I have a little bit of *stuff* coming in the next few layouts I have to share next week. Almost entirely thanks to Andrew. He is GREAT at Project Life :)  He’s always sending me photos (from his phone) and hanging on to *stuff* in case I want it for Project Life.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the supplies used for my PL binder evolve over the rest of the year!

What are your favorite supplies to use for Project Life?

L&R Sponsors Campfire Chic and The Nerd Nest are both also participating in Project Life this year …. And they’re both doing it very differently than I am. Check out Kam’s pages here  and Megan’s pages here!

Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to preserve your memories and record your stories in an easy way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life or check out all my Project Life posts.

*I know Photoshop isn’t that expensive,
but I would have to upgrade the OS on my Mac about 3 or 4 levels
in order to install that new software.

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