Project Life: Title page and a plan

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I’ve started Project Life!

Or, rather, I am starting Project Life – with my first week beginning yesterday April 2.

I’ve created a title page and formulated a rough plan…

For those of you that are new to Project Life (from Becky Higgins’ website):

Project Life is a solution-based approach to scrapbooking that was created to simplify the process in order to allow you more time to enjoy life! It requires no glue, no scissors, no tools, and no skills of any kind. The design of our products takes the guess work out of layout design so that you can focus on recording your everyday moments through your photos and journaling. The simple design is stylish and makes it possible for you to complete more pages in less time.

Becky Higgins, creator of Project Life, is a busy wife and mother who is passionate about capturing the little bits of life, and she’s making it easy for others to do the same. “It’s called Project LIFE because it’s about YOUR LIFE. Whatever your life is. Whatever your stage of life. Whatever your family circumstances. Whatever your lifestyle. Project Life is designed to help anyone + everyone get their pictures into a book,” says Becky. Her goal is to help others Cultivate a Good Life and Record It.

This back-to-basics approach to scrapbooking appeals to the person who’s never made a scrapbook in their life as well as those with experience because it allows you to feel the freedom that comes from letting go of the “guilt” that so many associate with the memory keeping process. CreativeTeam member Liz Tamanaha says “I love Project Life because it can be anything I want. Simple when I just want to get the basics recorded. Crazy intensive when I have the creative energy for it. And for once, I feel caught up with my scrapbooking.”

Here’s a whole slideshow on how to get started with Project Life.

Here’s a great blog post being REAL about Project Life.

My title page:

Some things to note:

  • I still haven’t decided what I want to do with that bottom left corner. Right now I’m leaning toward a paragraph of journaling.
  • That photo of me on the left is my weekend face. I only wear makeup if I will be seeing someone I know
  • Right now the buttons are adhered with ATG. I *may* go back and sew them on (once I find my sewing kit in the boxes)
  • I mention “new job” …. which is not true (yet). My plan is by the end of the year I’ll have a new job. If not, I guess I’ll just go back and cross that part off of the title page :)
  • The scalloped paper on the top left is from one of Elise’s books. … that I took apart as soon as I bought!

I plan on keeping up with the journaling on a weekly basis – if not more often.

I’ve been using this app called Day One on my phone –

There are several things I love about it….. First: It’s on my phone so I can journal from where ever I am. Second: It’s connected to the cloud so I can send my journaling to my DropBox every so often. and Third: I can set alarms to remind me. I have mine set to beep (gently) at me every morning at 10a (after coffee, around the time I get in the shower), and again at 7p (right during my lunch break at work)….. I don’t necessarily journal every day at those times, but without the alarm I probably would have forgotten about the app a long time ago!

The photos I will take, of course, and edit/plan out on a weekly basis, but I will likely only have the chosen photos printed every 3-4 weeks. I don’t have (or want) a photo printer at home, and the shipping (or gas) to print just a small handful of photos once a week is just silly.

Which means when I post my future layouts it will likely be only once a month or so ….

The rough color scheme will be a base of kraft+white paper, and then color in whatever scraps of paper I happen to have lying around. And I’m SURE I have a ton of paper scraps that can get used up.

I’ve printed out each of the date ranges through the rest of 2012 to use on each week’s layout… beyond that I have no definite layout plans.

I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes.

I think not having Photoshop is going to hinder me ….. we’ll see.

 Some inspiration and resources for Project Life:

**I need printer recommendations. I don’t care about the all-in-one models, or about high-quality photo printing. I just want a quality printer that will print in color and black and white on paper of varying weights. Any thoughts?**

P.S. My “office” looks like this right now … so I’m just *hoping* I’ll be able to keep up at a reasonable pace.

Are you doing Project Life this year? Any tips?

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  • MacGirl April 3, 2012 at 2:59 am edit

    I love your title page, the simplicity of it all. I took delivery of my project life inserts, core kit and journaling cards yesterday. I’m starting mine on Good Friday and I can’t wait! I’ve found that I can send my photos online to be printed at my local supermarket an hour later so I can collect them in my lunch break. I’ve just started using the Day One app as well, I love it! Looking forward to the updates.

  • Amy April 3, 2012 at 8:10 am edit

    I WISH there was a photo developer that close to me …. the closest that I know of is still 15 or 20 minutes away!

  • Megan Anderson April 3, 2012 at 8:57 am edit

    You might consider going with an on-line photo service so you can get them printed weekly and shipped to you. It’s usually cheaper and you can find coupons for Photobucket and Snapfish flying around on-line pretty easily.

  • Kam April 4, 2012 at 9:26 pm edit

    I did a prepaid plan through Shutterfly where I get 200 photos for $20 and I only need to pay shipping. It’s easy for me to upload my photos that way. PostalPix has proven to be an inexpensive (and super quick) solution for my IG photos, but I know you aren’t into it.

    I’m excited to see where you go with this!

  • mel April 5, 2012 at 2:42 pm edit

    I started Project Life on March 3rd. I love it so far. I have my weeks going from Sat-Fri. I print my week of photos on the weekend and then usually spend Sunday evening scrapping the previous week. It’s working nicely, but I also conveniently work at a photo lab on weekends, so it’s never a problem to print 😉


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