The wonder and glory of having an editorial calendar

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Of course I was working on #LRParty2012 yesterday, but in general I spend my Saturdays blogging posts for the coming week.

Do you all plan your blog content ahead of time?

Can I just tell you how much easier it was to set up this blog party just because I planned the editorial calendar ahead of time? I can’t imagine doing it any other way!

If you’re not using some kind of editorial calendar, let me try to change your mind …. What I like to call the wonder and glory of having an editorial calendar!

My top 3 reasons to start and maintain your blog’s editorial calendar:

  • An editorial calendar allows you to be lazy

True story.

The initial planning itself takes some work, but once you have the basic posting structure of your week or month planned out, you will find that you are better able to manage your time… and so more able to take breaks and relax away from the computer.

I will never get tired of telling my husband, “Nope. No blog posts to write, I’m all done for tonight.” In fact, this post I happen to be writing during my lunch break at my ‘day job’ … I know exactly when it will be scheduled, it will work perfectly for the blog party and it’s so nice to ‘work ahead’.

I recommend taking a look at how often you post now, and commit to posting 1 time less. Let’s say that you try to post 7 days a week, but you just sit down at the computer when you get home from work and post whatever comes to mind. Instead, commit to posting 5x per week, and write a couple of them in advance. It’s amazing how much time you can free up with just a little organization.

  • An editorial calendar helps you focus your content

That extra time I just mentioned? Put it into focusing on your message and honing down your blog content.

I just mentioned that this post works to help remind you all about the Better Blog Content Workbook. It shouldn’t really surprise you that that was intentional– especially since it is discounted today.

Any time I am reading a blog for a few months, and suddenly a new post shows up that is out of character or at odds with the rest of the blog, I KNOW immediately the writer just wrote it spur of the moment. Maybe they woke up and thought, “Huh. I wonder what I should write about today.”

When you have your posts planned out and pre-scheduled you have the extra time and luxury to veto those post topics that may not fit. When I was planning out the posts for today’s blog party, I wrote down ALL the potential posts and was able to narrow them down to only the best 24 post topics. Instead of just posting whatever comes to mind, I’m able to hone it to the best.

  • An editorial calendar makes you a better writer

Just as an editorial calendar allows you to focus on only the best content and topics, it also allows you to really craft those topics into their best form.Especially if your editorial calendar calls for fewer posts than you are used to writing, you’ve now got the extra time to really write more than just a quick one-off draft of the post.

It’s really (really) something to try if you haven’t already …

Do you plan out your posts ahead of time? How’s it working for you?

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