What are your 2012 blogging goals?

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It’s getting to be that time of year again ….

That time of year when all the ‘Best of 2011′ lists start popping up. That time of year when everyone is searching for the perfect 2012 calendar and really weighing which New Year’s Resolutions they *might actually* be able to stick with.

Many of you have a blog just-for-fun. Just for documenting your weekend or sharing recipes, etc. But a lot of us are starting to get more serious with our blog-projects. Including accepting sponsors or using the blog as a marketing arm of a small business.

If you are at all serious about actually moving forward with your blog, I encourage you to take the last few weeks of this year to think about your blogging goals for 2012.

As we talked about previously – what constitutes blogging success – this is of course a very personal project. You may really value page rank while another blogger equally values number of comments.

Some examples of goals to set:

  1. Website rank positions
  2. Number of subscribers
  3. Number of comments per post
  4. Number of posts per week
  5. Consistency and sticking to your blog schedule
  6. Number of unique visitors and page-views per month
  7. Monthly revenue earned from your blog
  8. Adding contributing writers
  9. Offering products/services using your blog as a platform
  10. Creating/growing your email list

My goal is to build Lemon and Raspberry into a full-time job. Which means I measure income, I keep track of my return on investment, and I don’t freak out about my Google Friend Connect number.

I’ve linked to it before and I will link to it again – Kam’s detailed and well-written post on Setting SMART Goals. This is basically my starting point and structuring device for all the brainstorming and planning I have in front of me.

So these next 3 or so weeks before January 1 I will be focusing on EXACTLY what I want to accomplish with L&R next year, and EXACTLY what steps I need to take to reach those.

For me: My primary goal for 2012 is to grow my online income with L&R so over the next few weeks I will be

  • brainstorming and creating a rough release schedule for future products
  • brainstorming and setting tasks for specific marketing strategies
  • brainstorming and connecting with companies I can act as affiliates for

But, as I know from Kam, it’s not really a goal to “grow my online income.” It’s a GOAL to grow my income from something specific like $5/month to something else specific like $1,000/month (or pick-your-own numbers for your situation).

Of course, I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ve got a fresh yellow legal pad all set and ready for pages and pages of notes and ideas and brainstorming and structuring. I will be building in another 30 Days of Lists event. I will be scheduling the next Onward and Upward workshop. I may even start collecting blog post ideas for the beginning of the year.

I’m really SO excited to start working on this!! I’ve been thinking about new L&R projects for months and I can’t wait to actually schedule in time to put them out in the world!

So, what are your blogging goals for 2012?

P.S. Don’t forget to ALSO take steps to EXECUTE your tasks toward your goals. For help building your blog content for the readers you want, check out my Better Blog Content workbook – complete with nearly 100 pages of resources, actionable steps and easy ideas for improving the content you post day after day.

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