what stands in the way of your happiness?

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I think this question has 2 parts to consider:

What is the least-happiness-inducing part of your life?

What other activities are you doing that are holding you back from happiness?

For me:

The worst part of my life is my day job (obviously). I will be the first to admit, it’s not actually THAT bad. I don’t have abusive bosses, I’m not asked to do anything unethical….. .

But the 50-ish hours per week that I spend on the 405 freeway, sitting in a cubicle, talking to clients about little details that really make no difference to anyone, wasting my time trying to ‘upsell’ them to products they don’t need, sitting in the conference room by myself while I eat my lunch, another commute home (usually with traffic and absurd road-closures despite the fact that it’s 11p)….. Yup. The worst part of my life is my day job.

But – at least I KNOW it…. I am fully aware and have pinpointed specifically what in my daily life is the lowest point and am taking steps to rid my life of that nonsense.

But other activities? That’s a bit harder …. Things like eating too much sweets (partly because I eat myself sick, partly because I know better and then make myself feel guilty), not being a good friend (thinking I’m too busy to call or visit), wasting time on things like re-watching episodes of TV shows (when I would get far more knowledge and enjoyment out of readingĀ  a book), and on and on …

At least I am aware of these things…. Not only am I aware that eating too many sweets makes me sick, it is something I have control over. Reading a book instead of watching TV? Also something I can control…. Making time to call a friend? Something only I can control ….

It gives me hope to know that all of these things that stand in the way of my happiness have solutions.

As part of Onward and Upward – the 6 week online workshop that starts in a couple weeks – we’re going to be working together to identify that GREAT WORK that really brings the most joy to our lives, and work toward making it a larger part of our lives. Visit this page for more information and to register.

What stands in the way of YOUR happiness, and what are you going to do about it?

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  • Han September 20, 2011 at 4:54 am edit

    I don’t mind my job either but there are some bits I wish I could do more of the time – today I spend most of the day tweaking some stats about the website because the order side of job was quiet and minus the random interuptions I really didn’t mind being here today but I know tomorrow will be back to 80% orders 20% other stuff and I’ll feel mega bummed about the whole thing again.

  • Jenny September 22, 2011 at 2:50 pm edit

    That 405 is the worst. No matter what time of day…it’s BAD. I feel you on that one! Just have patience…it will be worth it…I know you guys are saving for a house and other things :)


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