Travel Journal: Scotland

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A couple weekends ago I *finally* finished up my travel journal for our Scotland trip!

Wait, that’s not even true….. I *mostly* finished up the travel journal.

I spent ALL day (as in 8 or so hours) sitting at the kitchen table, piles of loose papers and pamphlets and Instax mini photos in front of me … and just wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote…

All by hand – which I kind of love – and as many little stories and details as I could possibly remember.

It feels good to get it all out onto paper. I was a *little* afraid I’d forget all the best parts before I had a chance to write them …

As a reminder, I loosely used the tips and principles in Ali Edwards’ Scrapbook on the Road class. You can read my review here.

You can check out the BEFORE prepped, pre-travel journal in this post.

First page: Beginning with the why and how we got so lucky as to be able to go on a second vacation this summer:

Here are some examples of the pages so far.

Do you see how text-heavy the pages are?! Lots and lots of stories to be blogged at Those Crazy Schuberts!

You’ll notice:

  • it’s not super scrapbooky-embellished. Not my style. Story is the priority.
  • a couple postcards were used for journaling. I had just bought a whole stack and didn’t end up using them all for friends/family.
  • The computer-printed pages are text taken from the guidebook – historical background of the places
  • hand-written text primarily on white/graph paper. Need to remember to bring more of that on my next trip
  • not a whole lot of cardstock used. I realized I hated to cover it up with white paper (for journaling) and I feel like a lot of the colors were too dark to write on (no matter, I can use the same color scheme for a future mini-book like this)
  • the folded pamphlets all have a few extra holes punched so they fold nicely into the book
  • in addition to pamphlets and ticket stubs, I also got several maps, a coaster from a pub and a napkin in there
  • I really loved using the big envelopes as section dividers for each day. In the envelopes I stuck receipts (from food, tickets, etc) for that particular day.

Let me know if you have any questions about how this came together!

Still to do:

  • I will be adding SOME photo prints. There are a couple backs-of-pages that don’t have journaling that will be a good place for a photo, and I intend to add some back-to-back photos as stand-alone pages. I’ve ordered some 5×7 prints – the book is 8.5×5.5″.
  • Andrew has PROMISED to do some journaling. There are a couple blank spots set aside especially for him (on days, or parts of days that we did separate things), plus I’m hoping he’ll add in a little throughout. We’ll see.

This is the stack of paper that was originally part of the prepped travel journal, but wasn’t needed for the final version:

Again, the text-heavy nature of the travel journal means I didn’t use even HALF of the cardstock I had cut/prepped for the travel journal.

I love (love love) that I have all our stories written down now.

My plan is to use the text from the Scotland traval journal for both my blog posts about Scotland and the big coffee-table-Blurb-book I am going to put together with all our photos!

Can’t wait!

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