Travel Journal: Alaska

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I’ve been back from our Alaska cruise for, what? 10 days? Since we’re leaving again in less than a month, I’ve been really trying to stay on top of my email and blogging and photos and such…. but finishing my Alaska travel journal was my #1 priority.

From watching the video as part of Ali Edwards’ Scrapbooking on the Road class, I realize that my memories recorded while being ON the trip would be different than memories recorded a week, 4 weeks, or 4 months later.

I didn’t do a whole lot of journaling in my Alaska travel journal WHILE traveling…

But, then I got home and spent pretty much an ENTIRE day writing and gluing and writing and writing and sorting and all…

It took me ALL day!

First, sorting all the tickets, papers, Instax photos, etc by day.

Then, recording all the activities and stories I could remember…

It turned out like this:




As you can see from the sample pages below (and the list of supplies above), I really didn’t include any extra scrapbook paper or many embellishments at all.

This is REALLY more of a journal than a scrapbook.

It’s VERY text-heavy, and I won’t be adding any additional photos.

In the gallery below, find just a sample of the pages of our Alaska Travel Journal:

(the full stories and all will be blogged on Those Crazy Schuberts in the coming weeks)

I didn’t adhere any of the Instax in the book on the trip – I wanted to be sure to be able to scan those images first.

I also found that since the book binding was set and I wouldn’t really be able to reorganize and move around the pages, I was less inclined to record while we were on the road. I had PLENTY of time, but I also know that structure is important to story-telling so I was hesitant to bind myself into a particular organization of travel-memories.

Does that make sense?

Example: We had Monday all day at sea, and I started a section in the book recording all the dishes and food we were eating. But I obviously wanted all of that info together in the book … so how many pages to I allow for it?

When we went to Ketchikan the next day, I had to count ahead a number of pages, guessing how much room I’d need for the FOOD chapter of the journal.

I much prefer to not be bound into an order/organization without being able to see the whole picture.

I think since I really focused on putting the journal all together just about 36 hours after we returned, I was able to remember plenty of details and touches and moments that were a fun part of the trip.

Since I took the time to organize the ticket stubs and maps by day, I think the organization of this journal is pretty solid.

The night I finished it, Andrew came home and read it straight through cover-to-cover. And laughed out loud several times…

Always a good sign :)

I’m pretty happy with the way our Alaska travel journal turned out …. My plan is to put together the bulk of the digital photos (and scans of the film) into a Blurb book as soon as I get a chance!

Next up? Scotland travel journal.

Which I plan to make myself ….

Some things I’ll be doing differently with my Scotland travel journal:

  • Using book rings to bind the book.
    This will allow me to move around the pages all I want, as well as add photos after the fact if I want.
    This will (hopefully) also keep the book from looking like it is bursting at the seams like the Alaska one
    This will ALSO keep me from having a bunch of blank pages at the end that I can’t take out.
    This will ALSO let me include extra pamphlets and papers as their own page (with holes punched) rather than adhere them to other pages and making the book bulkier.
  • Write more on the trip itself.
    I am thinking that being able to add/move pages whenever and wherever I like will really help with this. I can carry just a few pages on our day trip to Loch Ness rather than the whole book. I can jot down notes on a napkin at a pub and add that right into the book.
    Who knows if I will actually do either of these things, but with this next trip I’ll have the option.

Current plan is to go shopping for papers/etc to include as a base for the Scotland travel journal…. I will be incorporating the (4×6) pages from the Elise-album I purchased in with the 5.5″x8.5″ book I plan on making.

We’ll see how it goes…. Any recommendations?!

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