make big plans

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You can pin all you want.

You can wish for mid-century furniture or live vicariously through someone else’s trip to France or envy an author’s big book deal ….

But – to me – there is a difference between “wishing” and “planning”

And you will never do big things until you make big plans.

(Okay, you are far less likely to do big things. Every once in awhile someone just gets lucky and stumbles into something huge, I’m sure).

I encourage you to dream big. Be brave. Get audacious in your big plans.

Then break them down into workable steps and make them happen. Impress us all. Share your GREAT WORK with the world.

And if you’re ready for that, join the Onward and Upward workshop for encouragement, actionable steps and more resources to make your big plans happen.

When I return from Scotland I’ll be opening up pre-registration for Onward and Upward: a 6-week online workshop that will help you get out of your rut and take things to the next level.

The workshop break down will be available in a few weeks, and you can sign up for the L&R newsletter for the first glimpse next week!

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