Ali Edwards: A Week in the Life project

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so. Um. I changed my mind again.

I had originally planned to do Ali Edwards’ A Week in the Life project …. and then I changed my mind when the project seemed too huge and my time too limited ….

And then I read this post by Ali Edwards, where she said that this week is going to be ONLY ABOUT DOCUMENTING…  and I thought, well, I could do that.


I had in my head that I needed to do a big scrapbook, print photos as I go along, build several pages for each day, etc etc etc.

and while, yes, that would be preferable (if I had the time and $$) … in reality there are many many (many) more ways to document a week in our life.

God bless Ali for reminding me of that.

What was I thinking …. ?

So. We’re now halfway through….  And so far I’m still plugging along…. and Andrew (bless his heart) has spurts of participation as well. He’s the best!

My plan is to put this all together in a Blurb book.

  • That means I won’t have to dig out my scrapbooking supplies – a blessing since they are all in storage.
  • That means I won’t have to go shopping for more/different supplies – a blessing since that stuff is EXPENSIVE and takes up space we don’t have.
  • That means I just need the time to edit photos, write and insert them into the Blurb templates …. rather than ALSO cutting, pasting, measuring, etc for a scrapbooked album.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE scrapbooking …. But at this time in my life it is just not a feasible hobby to have.

I’ll keep you posted once the book is all together …


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