if you want to do work that matters

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…. stop trying to make EVERYONE happy.

Seth Godin puts it this way:

The math here is simple. As soon as you work hard to please everyone, you have no choice but to sand off the edges, pleasing some people less in order to please others a bit more. And it drives you crazy at the same time.

It makes sense, of course. Even if it is not easy to remember all the time.

Work that matters is bold and audacious.

Work that matters is different than what has been offered previously.

Work that matters is …. often scary. And often the complete opposite of what a big group of people think they want.

I struggle with this myself … especially when readers express specific requests, or when friends and family who know me well have a definite opinion of what I should do.

It’s mostly a matter of 2nd guessing my gut-instinct.

My Girl Thursday posted about this recently too: being afraid of yourself and why that’s probably not a good idea

It’s a good read … specific for blogging, but still applicable.

Bottom line: You can’t please everyone. And trying to will only water down the work you are meant to do.

That said, I’m hereby diving back in to prep work for my first online class, and I will be sure to include in the curriculum what I want in it. Not just stuff to make people happy.

The class is to be announced in July. Among other things, we will be talking about doing the work you are meant to do.

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