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Over the weekend I met with Kam and Justine to talk about how March’s 30 Days of Lists went, what we loved about it, and what the next steps are for next time.

Or, mark my words – there WILL be a “next time”

{Photos and a full post tomorrow, by the way!}

One of our resounding themes throughout the month of March and since then has been the absolute incredulity of list-making being so popular!

I mean, seriously. From some of the comments we were getting you would think that we created this journaling challenge specifically for these individuals. The enthusiasm and encouragement and sheer joy we observed from the participants truly astounded me.

With relatively little effort and ZERO advertising budget, we reached over 30,000 page views and over 5,000 unique viewers during the month of March!

True story.

And that is JUST on the 30 Days of Lists blog.

This website – Lemon and Raspberry – was linked in the blog sidebar and about 1 or 2 times each week linked in the blog posts themselves.

Just that little bit of linking for just that month, was enough to bump my blog traffic noticeably.

{Raise your hand if you now follow Lemon and Raspberry because of 30 Days of Lists!}

And that?


THAT right there marks March 1.

That is the date that I launched a new eBook AND the date that the original 30 Days of Lists started. Even without my specifying numbers you can see that there was a change over the month of March ….

Ok, a lot of numbers. A lot of storytelling.

What does this mean for you?

This bump in traffic came from … what? Not any ad buying, not any trickery, not any keyword stuffing or even making friends with a high-profile blogger in hopes of getting a mention here or there ….

This bump in traffic came from my having a hand in creating AWESOME content.

(sidenote: I am willing to bet Justine and Kam saw a similar change in traffic since the start of this project)

On the 30 Days of Lists blog we didn’t just re-post all the blank notebooks we wanted to buy to write lists in. We didn’t blog a bunch of photos of spaces that “inspire” us. We didn’t complain about our day jobs or dogs.

Instead, every day on the 30 Days of Lists blog, we published focused, creative, original content and encouraged our readers to do the same.

All of these are reasons why genuine and focused work on creating better blog content can help grow your blog more than any other effort. Not buying ads, not giving away product, not reblogging interesting things you find online. Your actual original content is where the value of your site is.


In a couple weeks here at Lemon and Raspberry I’ll be hosting my FREE online mini-workshop Better Blog Content: How to Draw in your Readers and Develop your Blog.

I encourage you to come by, take some notes, interact with other readers and get some ideas on how to improve your blog content in ways that can help increase your readership and community.

Some things to note:

The workshop consists of a series of posts and resources, Monday through Friday, May 2-6.

There is no need to register – just stop by the blog every day for each post and some interaction in the comments. You’re welcome to subscribe to L&R’s blog posts via email or a blog reader as well!

The blog posts focus on specific things to look for and adjustments to make to write and create better blog content.

There is NO FEE for this mini-workshop – HOWEVER….

The mini-workshop corresponds with my extended Better Blog Content Workbook, which will be available in its second edition that week. If you find the mini-workshop helpful, you will definitely enjoy the whole workbook. Visit the Better Blog Content page for more details.

Hope to see you at the workshop!

In the meantime…. 5 signs your blog content could use some help …. and what is already working for you?

What content on your blog are you particularly proud of? What posts or creations do you find bring the most readers?

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