#30Lists planning with Kam and Justine

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Saturday I got up early (for me) and headed out to drop Andrew off at Amoeba in Hollywood for National Record Store Day … and then on to Covina for a #30Lists powwow with a couple of my favorite people: Justine of a new beginning and Kam of Campfire Chic

Even though all 3 of us live in SoCal, we are not super close… So Kam did a bit of research and found a relatively central location for all of us to meet for breakfast ….

Can anyone guess where we met up just based on this photo?


If you guessed IKEA – you would be correct!

I had never really sat and had breakfast at IKEA so this was so fun for me! Kam knows all the good food deals around town :)





We sat and chatted and planned and laughed for something like 5 hours! (all while Andrew was waiting in Hollywood for me to pick him up)

The next edition of the 30 Days of Lists journaling challenge is well on its way! I can’t wait for you guys to see what we have planned!

Love these girls – they’re both so adorable and awesome!

Note: the full gallery (just a couple more photos) can be found here: Breakfast with Kam and Justine

On another note, anyone interested in viewing (or purchasing prints) of any of my other personal photos can browse the Schubert gallery.

How did you spend your weekend?

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