Why you Need a Blog for your Creative Business

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I’m proud to post here a guest post from Shannon from Fox & Owl Studio!

A couple months ago, I wrote about why you need a blog for your creative business – in this post, Shannon takes it a step further and gives you specific examples of how having a blog has really worked for her photography business.


Hiya! I’m Shannon from shannon*bear. I’m a coffee lover with a thing for owls. I own Fox & Owl Studio with my husband, Andrew, which is a photography business with a splash of handmade thrown in!  I’m so excited to be guest blogging on Lemon and Raspberry and have to throw in a special thanks to Amy for allowing me to hang with you guys today!

I’m going to share a few tidbits about why you should consider having a blog for your creative business! It’s my hope that you’ll walk away from this inspired to create your own blog, even if it’s not for your business!

When we started our photography business we felt it was super important to have a blog.

When you have a blog, personal or otherwise, it allows people to get a feel for who you are. Whether it’s through your writing style, taste in fashion or photographs… you can throw your own flare into it! Everyone who has a blog has a “voice”. It doesn’t matter what it’s about, when you’re passionate about your subject and you find the right readership, people will read it, ENJOY it, and come back for more. Bottom line: a blog makes you endearing to your readers.

Another reason we decided to have a blog rather than just a website is because our website (with the exception of our portfolio) stays pretty static.It doesn’t change much.  A blog is dynamic since it can change as much as you want it to. You have the power to decide when it’s updated and what content you want to feature.

A blog will also allow you to find online pals and create a network. If readers like your website/product chances are that they’ll want to know more about what you’re doing. A blog is just the ticket.

Because our blog is updated pretty regularly and it’s interactive we actually draw more readers there than to our website.

Here is an example of a photo which brought us a lot of traffic:

If you can believe it we actually have more traffic driven to our website through our blog! Crazy! I never in a million years thought it would work that way.

Since we’re photographers we don’t always have a constant product to update so we update it with the adventures we’re having. It just keeps Fox & Owl fresh. Sometimes I’ll even feature Fox & Owl Studio on my personal blog. Since I have great readers they’ll do me a favor and check out our latest post or our newest website update. Here is an example of a Fox & Owl feature on my blog. A little tip: a blog is also a great way to advertise 😉

The last thing I want to talk about is photographs.

Since Andrew and I are photographers we only post our best edited photos.

If you have a product line it’s important to feature that on your blog. Some quick questions you should ask yourself when you’re taking photos of your products are:

  • Is the background clean?
  • Is your product really featured in the photo (is something taking away from it?)?
  • Is this photo going to draw a reader’s eye to your product (not the props or backdrop)?

One tip I always offer is to use natural light when you can. It’s honestly the best lighting out there.

It’s also always fun to edit a photo when you can. You don’t have to have Photoshop to produce awesome edits with you photos, there are tons of free editing programs online!

That was fun! Thanks for letting me share this with you guys! If you want to learn more about me and what I do you can check it out here on my blog. I hope you have fun creating your own blogs and a fantastic new year!

xoxo Shannon

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  • linda t January 1, 2011 at 12:50 pm edit

    You are so right on. I am more apt to do business online if they have a blog… so that I can make that connection with the artist, designer, photographer, etc.
    The owner of one of my favorite shops in PHX also happens to pen one of my favorite blogs.
    I can’t afford to buy much in her shop but her blog inspires the heck out of me!
    Thanks for the info Shannon.


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