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Welcome back to the Lemon and Raspberry Blog Party 2011!

I am super excited to announce a giveaway right now from Emilee and Tasteful Tatters!

Tell us a little about yourself/blog/store:

Well, I’m 23 (almost 24!) newly engaged to my best friend. I love to blog:: reading them, sharing them, writing them – you name it! I was a journalism student in college and in one of my classes we had to start a blog. I loved school anyways, but I just LOVED this assignment and that is actually how my whole blog started! I started writing about politics and foreign affairs and no I blog about art, my inspiration, my shop, and just about anything DIY!

What are your inspirations?

My mom is a HUGE inspiration to me. She is basically who planted my crafting seed if you will. She has always been a DIY girl herself – she even sewed her own clothes in high school! She put me in sewing lessons when I was little and I think just basically seeing her go through life making our family Christmas card every year, creating scrapbooks as gifts, buying old used furniture and totally re-doing it for our own. I grew up thinking that just how everyone did it! hah!

I also draw a lot of inspiration from magazines, blogs, photography, etc. I have a great group of girls who are basically my think tank. I love bringing up my crazy ideas with them and then we all sort of bounce ideas off of each other. I feel like  my best ideas come from just talking through all the ramblings in my head.

What do you do when you’re not working on schoolwork/work-related stuff?

Well, I work full-time doing events and PR for a non-profit and then I have Tasteful Tatters so I am very busy to say the least! When I’m not doing all of that I love to go thrifting and see what fabulous jewel I can find. Going to fun antique stores or places like Buffalo Exchange are so fun for me. I could mosey around for hours! I just just having lazy days with friends watching old movies and drinking coffee. I love coffee!  I love to read  too… especially older stuff. My favorite authors are Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, Bronte, & Faulkner. I also have a huge vinyl record collection and looove the crackly sound of old/new music on my record player.

What can we expect from you/blog/shop in 2011?

We have HUGE plans! I just hired a fabulous assistant to help with the admin stuff so I can get more creative and plan more stuff. We are holding a HUGE launch party each March to kick off the NEW Spring/Summer line and it is also celebrating our brand new website! With that, we are also launching a 2011 Spring/Summer line with a full bridal collection. I am ALSO launching Tasteful Treasures which is accessories for your event/wedding/photoshoot :: so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Emilee is very generously giving away:

One of her Ella Headbands

(adult or child) – The flower is about 3 inches in diameter.

A single large flower for some sass!

Upcycled from vintage fabrics – the perfect accessory for your night out on the town!

OMG so cute…. I am a big fan of BIG accessories….

Visit the Tasteful Tatters Etsy shop for more goodies

I’m partial to the necklaces if anyone is wondering :)


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