One little word: 2011

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A little background:

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that most of you know who Ali Edwards is, right? If not, go NOW to her blog. She’s fantastic. Scrapbooker, storyteller, designer, momma. I adore her.

Every year for the last several she has been (publicly) choosing one word to focus on throughout the year. She uses this one little word to articulate her goals, intentions and plans for the coming year.

You can read more about her intentions behind her One Little Word here:

I thought a lot about [my word] and what it means to me. I tried to incorporate it more into my everyday and on my adventures out in the crazy world. For me, it was a lot about living without fear – about being more open to experiences with an attitude of playfulness. The word found its way onto many scrapbook pages and into many stories I told throughout the year.

She has chosen words like play and vitality, as well as listed a call for words on her blog. For 2010, Ali’s word was STORY. For 2011 her word is LIGHT.

So, after thinking about it and reading about Ali’s word year after year, last year and this year I decided to participate and intentionally choose one word that will help remind me of my goals and plans.

For 2010 – my One Little Word was RISK.

For 2011 – my One Little Word is …..

I want to CONNECT with Andrew even more than we have the last 10 years together. Best friend EVER

I want to stay CONNECTed to family. Andrew’s brother will be moving to Chicago in a couple weeks. My brother is all the way on the other side of the world.

I want to CONNECT (and reCONNECT) with my old friends. I grew up here, but lived in Arizona for about 6 years. Living in California again I really have no excuse.

I want to CONNECT with fellow photographers. I have casual photographer friends, but no one local I *know* I can call at the last minute to cover a wedding when I break my leg (for example). I think CONNECTing with others who have the same work and goals I do will be so good for me.

I want to CONNECT with YOU! I have been *loving* the blog friends I’ve made via Lemon and Raspberry over the last few months and would love that to continue….

Have you chosen a word for 2011?

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