Just for fun: 2010 on Lemon and Raspberry

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Even though I didn’t *officially* launch Lemon and Raspberry until May … the site was up a couple months earlier and I got a little bit of traffic from searches….

If you have an analytics program installed on your site, it’s ALWAYS a hoot to take a look at your top posts and traffic sources over any period of time

Top 5 L&R posts of 2010:

  1. Better Photography FREE ebook
  2. Better Blog Content ebook
  3. DIY Project: Clean your Vinyl Records
  4. Why is your blog content important?
  5. 5 ways to make your heart happy

Strangest search terms to FIND L&R in 2010:

Actually, that is ALL ….. Which is kind of hilarious!

EVERY.SINGLE.search term used to find Lemon and Raspberry were lemon, raspberry, or some combination of those…

Except for a handful of people looking for Viggo Mortensen ….


Top 5 blogs directing traffic to L&R in 2010:

  1. Freckled Nest
  2. Promise Tangeman
  3. Rachel Denbow
  4. Craft Gossip
  5. Campfire Chic (Kam! Look at the company you are in!)

SO so interesting…

FYI: I paid for a sponsor spot on ALL of those referring blogs …. except Craft Gossip. They sent traffic to my free photography ebook.

All the more reason why you need to make sure you have AWESOME blog content to draw readers and traffic to you….

Do you know where you are getting your blog content? And what are your top posts?

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