JANUARY is for ….

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  • Sponsoring Campfire Chic – that girl works SO HARD for her sponsors
  • Sponsoring love, Chelsea Lauren – such a sweetie
  • Sponsoring Moorea Seal – I am always so impressed with her work
  • Sponsoring  Pamplemousse – excited!!
  • Blog Party! Obviously.
  • Anniversary photo shoot (rescheduled from last month) with Maggie Keegan Gross (today)
  • holiday get-together with friends (tonight)
  • packing away Christmas decorations
  • probably shooting an engagement portrait session (for my April couple)
  • Working on/finalizing my next BIG L&R project (to be announced tonight!)
  • working on a blog redesign for a friend
  • learning more about design
  • cleaning my house. Maybe.
  • Focusing on my One Little Word for 2011
  • blogging Christmas photos at Those Crazy Schuberts
  • Maybe relaxing a little. Maybe
  • reading reading reading. Obviously
  • dreaming about the probably-2 vacations we’ll be taking this year
  • booking our Alaska cruise for sure. June 2011.
  • writing guest posts for the blogs I am sponsoring
  • hanging out with Andrew. Obviously.
  • starting – for real – our house hunt (hoping to be moved by end of 2011?)

Feels like I will be easing into 2011. .. …

Andrew told me 2x on Friday that 2011 would be our best year ever… and I’m inclined to believe him :)

What does your January look like?

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