Goals and intentions for 2011

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Last year I posted a MOUNTAIN of goals, plans and intentions for 2010.

I did about ….. half of them. And some of those were trips and things I would have done whether I made the list or not.

So this year – 2011 – I am going WAY easier on myself and just choosing three BIG IDEA intentions for how to live 2011.

Have more fun

This was Andrew’s idea, actually.

We already have a TON of fun together….. Piles and piles of fun…  I love that kid.

But you can never have too much fun with your beloved…. right?

Don’t waste my own time.

Stop reading books that bore me.

Delete photos that bore me.

Stop putting forth effort to be friends with people who aren’t kindred spirits.

Unsubscribe to blogs that I don’t care about.

I have *plenty* of stuff I WANT to do …. I don’t want to fill my hours making myself do things I feel like I SHOULD do.

Grow Lemon and Raspberry with love and intention.

I have plans. Big plans. But I want all growth for this site to be organic (even though I *hate* that word). I just mean I don’t want to do any gimmicks to get numbers added to my newsletter list or Google Friend Connect. Not worth my time.

I only want readers who WANT to be here.

And if you DO want to be here – I won’t let you down!

2011 is going to be an AWESOME year….

Right?? Right.

Thanks for joining me today for the blog party! I think (I *think) I want to make this an annual occurrence ….

If you came for the giveaways – I hope you stay for the other content!

If you come visit me at Lemon and Raspberry every day regardless of giveaways – you are my FAVORITE!

Happy New Year!!!!!!

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