Giveaway: Smart Marketing eBook

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Time for ANOTHER giveaway for my favorite readers!!

My logo design and all for Teegan Photography was done by a friend of mine – Ryan Barton of Rhyno Marketing.

Ryan is the best….. So grateful for him!

Here’s a little bit more about him before I tell you about the giveaway….

Tell us a little about yourself/blog/store:

For the last decade, I’ve been been in marketing and advertising in one form or another. It’s an exciting time to be a part of an industry that’s changing so rapidly — with the evolution of social media coupled with technology. My blog at TheSmartMarketingBlog.comĀ  explores new developments in the industry and makes real recommendations on how you can do the same. My design and marketing consultancy, Rhyno Marketing, was founded in 2007 and works almost exclusively with small businesses to enhance their marketing portfolios.

What was your inspiration/impetus for writing the book?

“Smart Marketing” has been a long time coming. In 2007, one of the junior staffers on my marketing team made a quick remark that I should write a book detailing what’s worked for me and my clients. And ever since then, the idea behind “Smart Marketing” has been bugging me to come to life.

In its simplest form, “Smart Marketing” recognizes that small businesses don’t have access to the money power industry giants do. But just because that’s the case doesn’t mean small businesses need to rely on bad marketing. My book uses 21 chapters to dive into cost-effective and results-oriented marketing strategies that help grow small businesses in a tangible manner.

What do you do when you’re not working on RhynoMarketing/work-related stuff?

I hated high school and college. So I really surprise myself seeing that I must continue learning now — reading is a big part of that — whether it’s through a stack of books or a list of unread blog posts. I’m perfectly content sitting and reading. If you’ve ever seen “Big Fish,” and the way the dying father absolutely must be in water, I’m the same way with air. I have to have fresh air; I feel alive in it. So a two hour bike ride suits me perfectly.

What can we expect from you/blog/shop in 2011?

Rhyno’s been slowly evolving across the last few years; and I think it’s finally found its place. But in 2011, I really expect it to take on a new life by expanding its services, offerings and talents. It’s going to be an exciting time.

For Lemon and Raspberry readers – Ryan is giving away a copy of his new book! Smart Marketing (just released TODAY)!

From Ryan:

It was extremely important to me that you gain something from reading “Smart Marketing,” so I packed it full of actionable information. How full?

  • 21 chapters covering topics including targeted marketing, social media channels, buying cycles, customer service, and blogging
  • 5 topic-relevant video case studies
  • 168 pages of idea-provoking content
  • 59 action items to enhance your business today!
  • Latest “Smart Marketing” version update automatically emailed to you on a quarterly basis (learn more)
  • 100% results and satisfaction guaranteed (learn more)
  • Read the PDF on your computer, or print for easy reading and note taking.

Ryan is a SUPER smart guy and I’m totally jealous that you all have a chance to win this!


Also – for all kinds of marketing insights throughout the year, make sure you follow Ryan on Twitter AND subscribe to the Smart Marketing Blog

P.S. If you are NOT the winner – keep in mind the Smart Marketing eBook is about half off right now … only $7.99 (deal and a half)

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