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(oh my word, how adorable is this girl!?)

So excited to move to our NEXT giveaway today!

Please welcome Nicole Ioma from Peridot…..

Tell us a little about yourself/blog/store:

Hi!  I’m Nicole of, and I recently opened an Etsy shop called Peridot.  I’m currently getting my Masters in Art Education and will be getting my visual arts teaching certificate soon, and am really excited/nervous because I start student teaching on January 3rd!  I’ve been trying to push myself to open an Etsy shop for years, and finally did in November because I wanted to enter a local craft fair and needed a way to showcase what I have to offer (strange reasoning, I know, but concrete deadlines are what make me get things accomplished and the craft fair app had a due date!)

Nicole Ioma is where I post things that inspire & motivate me, as well as various art projects that I’m working on.  A lot of people wonder what Ioma is, so I’ll tell ya =) it’s my middle name (pronounced eye-OH-muh.)  Peridot is a shop filled with miniature books with various bindings (and some have prints of my artwork embedded into the covers), as well as original art and prints.

What are your inspirations (people, time periods, books, ANYTHING)?

I actually made a post about what inspires me a while back, which is sort of a visual representation of things that make me want to create.  But mostly, I’d say that looking at the artwork of others is the single most inspiring thing for me, ranging from art from hundreds of years ago to the art I saw at a student gallery last week.  Seeing what other people are capable of (and imagining the process they went through to get to the finished work) makes me want to push myself further to see what I’m capable of artistically.  It’s so important to push yourself – as an art education student and a future art teacher, I know that people can do so much more artistically than they ever realized if they are given a little bit of instruction and motivation (and have the patience!)  I never thought I could draw until I HAD to draw in order to not fail a course  =)

What do you do when you’re not working on schoolwork/peridot/work-related stuff?

I spend time with family and friends.  I have to be alone when doing schoolwork and artwork, so I get a little stir-crazy and need to be surrounded people in my free time.  My boyfriend and I watch TONS of movies.  Oh and I just signed up to run a mini-marathon with my brothers in May so a lot of my free time is going to be spent running in the next few months… I’m really not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for it but it will be a huge sense of accomplishment for sure.

What can we expect from you/blog/shop in 2011?

Oh gosh.  I am planning on adding a ton of new items to Peridot, so that will be the biggest thing for me in 2011 (in addition to blog posts about my adventures in student teaching, of course!)  With every book or item I make, I have an idea for another – so expect new books, more sizes/colors/options, custom ordering choices, lots of additional prints and new original artwork.  I am also planning on creating a line of Love themed books in time for Valentine’s Day so that people can use the mini books to fill with photos/romance/memories for their significant other (it seems to be what people use my mini books for the most anyway!)

I’m also in the planning stages of offering custom 3D photo art (the VERY preliminary stages, that is.)  I have done this as gifts for friends (think shadowboxes, but with photos & paint & 3D elements, etc) and recently finished a commission for a Christmas present, but haven’t yet figured out how to offer it to the public.  Peridot is so so young, and I have so many ideas for it that you can expect lots of new products in 2011 =)

And now …. for Lemon and Raspberry readers ….

20% off items in Peridot until January 5, 2011!

(love love love)

Be sure to use coupon code LEMON20 until January 5th


Nicole is giving away a Rainbow Mini Book from Peridot!

3 1/4″ x 2 1/8″ hand bound blank mini book with rainbow binding, made with 80 lb recycled paper. 36 white pages & 12 colored pages (pink, orange, yellow, lime, blue, violet) for you to use as a journal, with pictures, lists, or anything else you can come up with =)

It’s small & adorable – almost fits in the palm of your hand!


Be sure to visit Nicole’s blog, etsy shop and twitter!

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