DIY Project: Potato Stamp

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Have you ever made a stamp from a potato?

You TOTALLY should! It’s super easy and kinda fun….. Absolutely reminds me of how much I loved crafting when I was a kid (admit it, crafting as a grown-up is decidedly different)

The only thing is your potato stamp is not going to last – once the potato dries out it’s no good any more. And on the flip side, you can’t keep it wet because it’ll get moldy.

Oh well.

Supplies needed:

  • half of a potato (for each stamp)
  • paring knife
  • paint

When you cut the potato in half – make sure it is straight/flat/totally even. Any unevenness will alter the look of your stamp.

ALSO – keep in mind using a serrated knife will alter the look of the stamp – the serrated edges will create a bit of a ridged pattern on the potato that will transfer over when you stamp.

Use something small and pointy to draw your shape onto the potato – keeping in mind it needs to be a MIRROR (reversed) image so it will stamp the right way)

I used the point of an old ballpoint pen that no longer worked (but super easy to hold/draw with). You can also probably use a toothpick or *maybe* a very small knife.

Cut the potato off AROUND your shape – about 1/4 inch deep

This is when you start to curse yourself for drawing your shape too intricately – or not having a good enough knife.

But it will work out.

Best part about this is if you mess up, just cut the potato flat again and try again!

meh. That looks *mostly* even, right?

So I didn’t make this stamp with any aim in mind except to just try the method…

I just tried out the stamp on a sheet of paper. If I had been using this for a specific project, I might have been more careful about making the edges of the ‘S’ a little smoother.

No matter …. Next time.

The first couple look a little bit like snakes with that long nose on the top/front…

Some ideas for your potato stamp:

  • Homemade wrapping paper
  • Homemade gift tags
  • the border or background on a scrapbook page

I imagine it would make the most sense to only use this method for projects where the shape doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s not really easy to carve a potato :)

Have you ever made a potato stamp?

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