DIY project : How to make an Instax mini scrapbook

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I got my Instax mini camera near the beginning of 2010 – and since then I’ve had to very consciously SAVE my film and not go totally crazy.

At nearly $1 per image I like to think of these photos as ‘necessary luxuries’

But, what do you do with all these tiny (adorable) photo prints? File them away? Scan and toss? Save for their designated scrapbook page (assuming you ever catch up?)

Yea, me neither.

I decided early on I wanted to keep an album SPECIFICALLY FOR the little bitty Instant images from my Fuji Instax.

The originals are scanned and archived with the other digital photos (example here), but the originals of the instant images will live in this album.

And guess what I’m using for the album (volume 1, at least) ….. My “3-ring binder” I blogged about earlier.

I love mini albums but I don’t like having a set number of pages. I like to add/remove/rearrange at will so this will be perfect!

As you can see, I have amassed *quite* the collection in the 9 months or so that I’ve had this camera ….

Supplies needed:

Measurements/etc are going to be based on the size of cracker box I originally used.

Just doing a quick lay-down, I can quickly see that this album size is ideal for pages wide/tall enough for 2 rows/2 columns of Instax mini photos.

Makes that a lot easier layout-wise.

I happened to have a nice brown, narrow ribbon in my stash that both matches the scrapbook paper that lines the inside of the binder AND is narrow enough to easily thread through the eyelets.

I wanted to have the tied/bow part of the ribbon on the OUTSIDE of the book (otherwise I’m afraid it would get in the way of the pages and not lie nicely)…. so I threaded one end of the ribbon from the outside to the inside of the book.

Next, I measured the size of the paper.

These pages ended up being 8″x5.5″ (I was able to get 2 pieces from a 12×12 sheet of paper)

And then I marked where the holes for the ribbon should be punched….

The scrapbook paper I used is double sided, but the other side doesn’t really match for book pages.

Instead, I glued 2 pieces together (so both side are the same color).

The double-layer also helps reinforce the punched hole and it will likely be harder to tear.

After cutting the paper down, I was left with these 2 little pieces (about 4″ high).

So I just made some little half-pages (also glued together)

The different size adds layer/interest as you’re flipping through the book.

More colors…..

Once I have all the pages I’m planning on adding (at this time) I thread the ribbon back OUT the other hole.

Both ends of your ribbon should now be on the outside of the binding.

Pull TIGHT (but not so tight you rip the holes) and tie.

Once the book is FULL I’ll tie more permanent knots, but for now it’s just a bow.

Now that I’ve got some pages in …. time to add the images!

I’m a fan of the solid colored paper, but I also wanted a white space to write captions.

*Especially* because these images will be disconnected from their context (and the rest of the photos of this event).

These white rectangles ended up being about 3.4″x4.5″ …. tall enough for the Instax photo with some space on the side.

I’m also a fan of the hand-drawn mostly-straight-but-not-totally border around the whole white rectangle.

Adds a nice break between the solid-colored papers.

Depending on the images (and the page) I may not frame all the images on a white background (like above).

But some of my Instax images are one-offs with no siblings to be displayed with….

Also – make sure you pay attention to the orientation of the image when deciding WHERE to place it on the page.

Scrapbooking Design 101.

In the example above (deck chairs on a cruise ship)…. the chairs are facing to the LEFT of the photo frame. By placing the photo on the RIGHT side of the RIGHT page, it’s almost like the chairs are looking into the book (rather than off the edge and away from the book).

I still have a TON of photos to scan (see below) but I think now that the photos have a real home I’ll be more inclined to get that done right away ….

(Yep, I’ve got the complete set of Lemony Snicket. I’ve only read books 1-4 so far but I LOVE them)

I also have some ideas about how to decorate the cover, but I want to be SURE before I do anything…. I’ll post an update when it’s done!

What do you do with your instant/polaroid images?

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