Blog Party Follow Up

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First of all …..

Thank you.

I think my traffic for Saturday jumped more than FIVE times!!! FIVE! With another HUGE bump on Sunday!

Crazy. crazy crazy crazy ….

Here’s what I learned from doing my first blog party:

  • get others involved – having giveaways and guest posts from other bloggers both helped promote the blog party AND got some of the pressure off me by not having to write 24 blog posts myself
  • get as much done ahead of time as possible – I had really good intentions, but by nature I am a a procrastinator. As much as I try. I was up til 3a on Friday morning, and then worked ALL day Saturday writing blog posts (in between are already scheduled plans)
  • have images/banners/visuals that other bloggers can easily “borrow” to help promote your blog party … even set up a blog party hashtag so you can track what people are saying about your blog party on twitter

You can find all of the BLOG PARTY posts linked here (giveaways are now closed)

I also wanted to answer some questions and point out some things…..

SEVERAL readers offered more ideas for uses for the chalkboard tags

Several readers offered (much better ideas than mine) ways to make the fill-in-the-blank wall art easier to make

interest in reading my thesis? really? haha! 60 pages of Harry Potter academia :)

Diane commented re: One Little Word – I LOVE her take on it …. what fun to kind of leave it to chance (destiny?)

A couple cute readers are art teachers – just like Nicole! Awesome blog community :)

Love love

Seriously. I love the blogging community …..

You guys are awesome. AWESOME.

I’ll be announcing the winners of the giveaways tomorrow (Tuesday)….. PLEASE email me or leave a comment with a link if you try any of the DIY projects!

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  • Nancy Hann January 3, 2011 at 11:23 am edit

    I like Diane’s idea too. I recently learned that you can steam open fortune cookies and place your own fortune inside. That would be a fun way to do that at a New Year’s or other gathering.

  • Nancy Hann January 3, 2011 at 11:28 am edit

    Hey next time you do this, how about if I do a guest post on how to encourage creativity in your child. I can already think of a few ideas and pictures that I could post of you when you were young to illustrate the points. Could be fun!

  • diane January 3, 2011 at 10:33 pm edit

    oh wow, thanks so much for the love!

    you inspired me to blog about my ‘words’ tradition! i still have a few words left in my bag, so in the post i offered to choose one for anyone who would like to participate.

    amy, i had so much fun spending my last day of winter vacation at your blog party in my jams with a cup of coffee!

    great job on all of your hard work. :)


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