Tell Its Story: Journal the Memories of your Stuff

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I am so excited to announce my next ebook release to you all!

(sidenote: I already told those on my newsletter about this project – are you on the list?)

On March 1, 2011 Lemon and Raspberry will be releasing ….

Tell Its Story: Journal the Memories of your Stuff

What’s the story behind writing this ebook?

The short version is:

Once, in grad school, I took a class on Material Culture and I LOVED it.

The long version is:

I took Material Culture in grad school and loved it. One class period we watched ‘Everything is Illuminated’ and that is now one of my favorite movies. Part of the class we did a big ol’ research project and I did mine on the culture of scrapbooking and scrapbookers (got an interview with Lisa Bearson and everything!).

Since then I’ve been fascinated with how the meaning of objects blends in to our daily lives.

And then Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince came out … and Horcruxes? Right up my alley.

In the academic sense, of course.

So I talked to my Material Culture professors about being on my advisory committee, and I got permission to write my Masters Thesis on Harry Potter — or rather Memory and Material Culture in Harry Potter.

I had so much fun writing that paper….

And pretty much since then the connection between memories and objects has totally fascinated me.

I believe in things.

I believe that your belongings DO have meaning beyond just their physical makeup.

And I believe those things deserve to be recorded

This ebook includes:

  • Why it Matters
  • How to Photograph your objects: Hero shot
  • How to Photograph your objects: in situ
  • How to journal the memories
  • How to put it all together

I’ll be providing more detail as March 1 grows closer.

Let me know if you have any questions

What is one of your favorite objects that holds a precious memory?

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