2010 in review

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All of 2010 was pretty awesome.

We didn’t go on any BIG vacations, but we did get a couple mini getaways:

San Francisco for LAST New Years

Paso Robles to shoot Andrew’s co-workers wedding

Hearst Castle for my birthday

Phoenix to visit my family

I went on a Mexico cruise with Andrew’s sister

San Diego to snorkel with sharks

Palm Springs just because

We didn’t travel out of the country really, but we did a lot of Los Angeles local touristing (why, yes. ‘Touristing’ is a word I made up. You may use it).

Grammy Museum

Griffith Observatory

Visited the Annenberg Space for Photography

Saw In the Heights at the Pantages

Hollywood Bowl (more than once)

We didn’t buy a house, but we did save a BUNCH more money and found a 1 bedroom that we really love for the time being

I didn’t get to quit my ‘day job’ but I did shoot/book a couple more weddings AND launch Lemon and Raspberry!

I read about 14,000 books. Give or take a couple.

And then JUST in the month of December:

I took a RISK and applied for a job I was only marginally *qualified* for but 120% dedicated to learn (didn’t get it :) )

I started dipping my toes into another service to offer via L&R

I got 3 wedding photography inquiries + meeting (HUGE since I haven’t really been promoting my wedding photography for several months)

I got a video camera to start video-blogging….

Just yesterday Andrew told me he thought 2011 would be our best year ever…..

I’ve loved 2010 but I know I will also love 2011 …

Today, really, can be the start of the best year ever!

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