DIY project – circles garland

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I LOVED this felt circle garland that Elise posted about a few weeks ago …

so cute and simple. I like simple.

But, as I’ve mentioned, I don’t have a sewing machine.

So I came up with my own version:

I call it my ‘Whoville’ garland because it reminds me of How the Grinch Stole Christmas – the basic shapes and basic colors, but still a bit askew and asymmetric.

Supplies needed:

  • fun foam (I used 1.5 sheets for this garland (about 9′ long)
  • 3 round things to trace (I used a spice container, a travel advil container and a big button)
  • yarn + needle

I had originally planned on doing several yarn stitches relatively tightly for each circle piece, but the tightness between the holes starts to tear the fun foam.

I actually like this way better (with just one BIG stitch for each circle). It allows the garland to twist a bit as it hangs and be a little more Whoville-ish.

To me, at least.


  • Trace your circle shapes onto the fun foam
  • I just filled a whole sheet with *about* the same number of each shape – and then once I had used all those up, I had a better idea of how many I needed for each shape.
  • Cut out all those circles

(as you can see in the image below – <sarcasm> I am *really* good at tracing circles </sarcasm>)

  • Cut a few circles in other colors if desired
  • I used some of the scraps from my felt bunting to add a little tiny wink of color in an otherwise white garland.

  • Thread all these circles onto the yarn.
  • In order to keep the regular+asymmetrical pattern – I used 6 fun foam circles (2 of each size) + 1 small white felt circle in between each color.
  • But I used a different pattern/order of the sizes each time.

  • I looped the yarn before tying the knots at each end. I kind of also want to add beads to add a bit of weight, but we’ll see.

  • Another tip – The fun foam doesn’t do so well being threaded so yarn. I threaded each hole one by one. Rather than thread both holes of the circle and then move the whole thing all the way to end (that puts a little too much stress on the bit of fun foam between the 2 holes)
  • This also means that I measured out the whole length of yarn before starting (rather than keeping it attached to the skein as I went)

  • I alternated the colored felt pieces
  • Basically the “pattern” is 1 color red -> 3 white fun foam -> 1 white felt -> 3 white fun foam -> 1 color green felt -> 3 white fun foam -> 1 white felt -> 3 white fun foam -> 1 color red felt ->
  • Does that make sense?

This garland was SO easy. I basically made the entire thing in one evening WHILE I was at my “day job” (clearly, we were a bit slow that night).

Then I brought it home and hung it over one of our doors…..

Fun, no?

I feel like I want to make a BUNCH and drape them EVERYWHERE!

I still might. I have more fun foam…. :)

P.S. I have always been familiar with fun foam because I had a job at Michaels when I was first out of high school ….

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