I want to do work that matters

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You may already know this, but I currently have a ‘day job.’

In quotes because I actually don’t work during the day – I work Monday – Friday 2:30-11p.

My ‘day job’ is not anything that actually matters and it’s starting to grate on me.

I used to think I was just bored at work, but I’ve recently realized there’s more to it than that.

Basically, I am a glorified proofreader. There are more pieces than that, and some of my job is high-stress. But at it’s core, my main duty is proofreading.

One morning last week I got a phone call at home. Early enough that it woke me up – since I don’t get home from work til close to midnight.

And why did my co-worker need to call me early in the morning? What pressing question did they need an answer for that only I could provide?

A question about a comma. A comma that was supposed to be put in but wasn’t. A comma that didn’t make any difference to the content.

There’s no answer I could have given that would have made any difference at that moment – except determining where to cast blame.

And, really? Do I want to work somewhere where that kind of thing is a priority?

And it was later that morning that I realized my real problem with this ‘day job’…. Yes, I would like to work earlier (I’m a morning person); yes I would like to have more of a challenge, more responsibility, more faith put in me.

But really, what I really want is to do work that matters.

We each only have one life. One short span of 70 or 80 years if we’re lucky. That is not enough time to do everything that I really want to do. I shouldn’t be wasting it proofreading for companies I have no attachment to.

I want to do work that matters.

That’s why I put together Better Blog Content last week. I feel like one thing I can do that matters is help other people – in this case improve their blog to help their small business or other personal reasons they want a better blog.

I want to do work that matters.

That’s why I started Lemon and Raspberry. I know about things that can actually help other people.

I want to do work that matters.

That’s why I love photographing weddings.

These things all really matter to the other people involved.

Adding a comma into a quote? Doesn’t really matter. Not even to the person who said the quote.

I want to help you do work that matters.

That’s why I am planning an online class tentatively called ‘Onward and Upward’ on realizing your goals and doing great work.

I’m pretty excited about it…. It’s going to be a big big project for me.

But, honestly, there’s not really anything I’d rather do than work on something that matters. ….. Which I hope this will.

What are you working on that really matters?

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  • kate October 12, 2010 at 6:55 am edit

    two things:

    “do something that would bring nothing but pleasure to other people” – Carla Cohen, co-owner of Politics and Prose. In my job I think I’m able to bring a bit happiness and light to people in their day-to-day. And right now that’s enough. Maybe in sixth months I’ll be where you are though…

    read this, http://www.sarahwilson.com.au/2010/10/monday-awakening-the-best-reason-ive-ever-found-to-back-the-fck-off/ maybe you’ve got 70 or 80 more years to go!

  • Nancy October 21, 2010 at 5:55 pm edit

    I enjoy the work I get to do to help several non-profits in getting the word out about how ways they can help people…helping women in Romania understand God’s view of them is more than a housekeeper, helping parents learn how to love their kids, helping couples learn how to have a healthy marriage and helping scores of people learn what it looks like to live in an environment of grace.

    I have an idea for a new blog and website that will combine many of my passions with a way to connect people in need with those that want to help. I LOVE connecting people.

  • Mary March 11, 2012 at 9:06 am edit

    Nancy, would you be willing to share any information about setting up a non-profit web site and blog? I want to spend the rest of my life helping others too.
    Looking forward to you response,
    In God’s name,


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