How to stand out and not get lost in the blog shuffle

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Last week I blogged about what I do when I’m feeling burnt out. And I am definitely verging on the burn-out.

Part of what drives me to this point is a feeling of just treading water. A feeling that I’m going through the motions of my work and my goals but not really moving forward.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but really your content is GOLD. Creating killer content is THE main way to stand out from every other blog.

Not designing a new header image, not reorganizing the blog buttons in your sidebar in a ‘new and interesting way.’

Awesome content is the foundation of your awesome company.

Awesome content can be anything from the products you make and the photos on your etsy site to your blog posts to your interview with a member of the media.

ANYTHING you create can be content.

The goal is to create content that makes your blog readers want to talk about you.

Think about the blogs you read, especially newer ones you’ve discovered. How did you first get interested in this blog? How are they getting you to stick around and continue to be excited?

Answer: They’ve got awesome blog content. So awesome that someone else told you about them.

I found this very concise equation:

Awesome Content + Exposure = Visibility

Here’s an example (and I’ll note every time great content comes into play): Kim Smith of art equals happy

I think I first discovered her via the Indie Biz 2.0 class I took in the spring from Elsie, Leigh-Ann and Jill.

Kim must have commented on a class post [content] or on a class forum discussion [content]. Something about what she contributed to the class [content] made me want to check out her website.

The first thing that struck me upon viewing Kim’s website art equals happy is her very distinct style in drawing, etc [content]. She has a style all her own [content] and doesn’t at all try to copy to be reminiscent of to be inspired by other well known-artists [content].

The second thing that struck me after following art equals happy for awhile is that Kim must work really hard all the time to continue to produce the art at the rate she is blogging it [content]. I am constantly impressed with the new pieces she comes up with [content].

So, yea. That’s kind of all there is to it.

If you really want to stand out in the blogosphere, all you have to do is commit to creating great content that is uniquely yours. If it is truly great, you will be noticed. If it is truly great content your readers will want to talk about you to their friends.

It is really easier than it may sound.

The Next Step

If you’re interested in more details on creating better blog content, I’d love if you stuck around here at Lemon and Raspberry – at least through October 8.

That week I will be hosting  first Lemon and Raspberry free online workshop –

Better Blog Content: How to draw in your readers and develop your blog

From October 4 – 9 each morning at Lemon and Raspberry, I will be featuring and digging into a different aspect of how to write really great blog content.

Every day between October 4 – 8 at Lemon and Raspberry, I’ll be focusing on one specific aspect of developing your blog content.

In addition, each afternoon I’ll provide a list of “Extra Credit” reading – resources elsewhere online to learn more about that day’s topic.

Each day will offer specific examples, actionable advice, homework and further resources.

On top of all of this – at the end of the week I will make available for purchase the L&R BBC Workbook. The entire collection mini workshop material PLUS extra chapters PLUS worksheets in one big fat downloadable pdf file.

I seriously can’t wait!

(note: thanks to Jac at Root and Flower for this post topic suggestion. If you have a request or suggestion for future topics, please leave it in the comments or send me an email)


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