5 signs your blog content could use some help

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  • You don’t know what your blog is about
    “Um, well it’s about my life. And about the books I’m reading. And recipes. And photography how-tos. And, um. Well, sometimes I also throw in Star Trek fan fiction and sci-fi movie reviews. You know, for fun.”
    If you cannot succinctly explain what your blog is about, your blog content could probably use some help. 

  • You don’t know why you are blogging
    You kind of half-heartedly mention in passing that you have an etsy shop, but then feel guilty for being “salesy” and bury that blog post under 3 more nothing/fluffy/check-out-this-hilarious-YouTube-video posts.
    If you don’t have goals for your blogging (be it personal or professional), your blog content could probably use some help 

  • You don’t post original content
    Ahem. WeHeartIt is the bane of creative bloggers everywhere.
    If you can’t seem to come up with your own ideas/photos/text, your blog content could probably use some help. 

  • Your only readers are your mom and your best friend
    Which is totally fine if the REASON you are blogging (see point 2 above) is solely to keep in touch with your mom and your best friend. If your posts don’t resonate with anyone, your blog content could probably use some help. 

  • You don’t get many comments (proportionately)
    You may only get 1-2 comments per day, but if you’re only getting 15-20 visits per day, that’s a pretty solid percentage. Good for you! However, if you’re regularly hitting 100-200 visits each day, but only 2 or 3 people care enough about your blog content to comment, your blog content could probably use some help.
  • And a reminder…

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    Better Blog Content : How to draw in your readers and develop your blog

I would LOVE to help you improve your blog content so you can start reaching your blogging goals!


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