What is your ideal day?

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SO, I think we’ve discussed the fact that I read a lot. A LOT.

Without revealing details of my day job, I will say that there is an occasional Thursday night when I literally have nothing to do but read for hours.

That said, I’ve been reading a lot about …. (for lack of a better description) lifestyle design, leaving corporate America and running my own business(es)…..

It *sounds* very …. granola? frou-frou? What is the word I’m going for?

But in reality, people who write down their goals are FAR MORE LIKELY to accomplish them … furthermore, how do you know what your goals are unless you have an idea of where you want to be?

A common exercise is to think about and write down your ideal day – sights, sounds, location, activity, food, temperature, with people, alone, etc etc etc …..  And then you know can look at every decision (personal or business) and make sure it is leading you to your ideal day …

What is your ideal day?

I’ll go first.

This week I have off from my ‘day job’ with several day of nothing planned but trudging through my online-work-to-do-list. I am totally a morning person, but I haven’t been able to pursue an early morning schedule in over 2 years (due to my ‘day job’). I’m going to use this week to get closer to my ideal sleep schedule and so closer to my ideal day. At least until next Monday.

My ideal day starts with ….

Waking up (without an alarm) at 5:30a or 6a. Andrew will still be in bed for an hour or so, so I get up and start the coffee.

I allow myself a luxurious 1/2 hour or so of drinking coffee (slowly) and perusing the interwebs. Glance at my email to get a feel for what needs to be done, scan through headlines in my Google Reader, approve any comments that came in over night.

{Here is where I MAY put in an early morning walk with Andrew, or a swim, or some kind of working out. I know I *should* build this into my daily routine, but I haven’t yet in real life so I can’t picture it in my ideal day}

Around 6:30a I get in the shower …. a nice HOT shower … and get started on my day (teeth brushed, hair combed, not wearing pajamas, etc).

Once I’m clean I am totally ready to start on my REAL work.

In my ideal day I am a writer and wedding photographer (about a 25% / 75% income split) so my mornings are spent on the computer. Blogging for future days, answering emails, corresponding with brides/grooms, editing/uploading/backing up photos, designing albums, working on my next ebook or online class material.

Actually, my *ideal* day might involve outsourcing some of that. We’ll see.

I work for 5 or 6 hours (pretty much straight) and take a break at lunch time. I LOVE salad (so that’s what I make myself) and sit and read a novel or other book for fun while I eat.

After lunch, in the early afternoon is when I do housework, run errands (grocery, etc) or take client meetings.

In my ideal day, we live within walking distance of a cafe, diner, coffee shop, ice cream parlor or similar where I can meet clients. I do NOT like to drive, so being able to walk to such a place for meetings would be just heaven.

Once I get home (or finished with said chores) let’s say it’s 4p or so. …. Sound about right?

I give myself a couple more hours to finish up the day’s tasks – one less email check, make sure the blog posts are scheduled, double check that I’m at a good breaking point for whatever project I’ve been working on.

Then I can give myself the rest of the evening ‘off’ from work …

Reading a book for fun, or watching a movie (or X-Files) with Andrew. Something low-key and relaxing (and pointedly without my laptop working at the same time).

Then to bed around 10p (yes, I really do like to go to bed early and get up early)

Yup. That’s what’d I’d do :)

A couple things to note about my ideal day :

  • This schedule assumes we don’t have kids. That may change in the future, in which case my ideal day would change. But right now – if I could quit my ‘day job’ tomorrow – this is what my day would look like.
  • This schedule is for a weekday – this assumes that I am actually shooting the weddings on weekends.
  • This schedule also does NOT factor in time with Andrew at all. Right now his schedule is SOO irregular, he doesn’t know the hours that he will be working even that morning. My dream job gives me the flexibility to work when he is at work and drop everything on days/time he is off work. The above schedule assumes he was at work all day (yes, 12-13 hours is not uncommon)


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Have you thought about your ideal day? Are you working toward it?

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  • Vivian August 10, 2010 at 4:28 pm edit

    I was thinking “but what about kids?” as I was reading along and then came to your notes.
    May you have many of these ideal days. May you soon be able to quit your day job and be that full-time writer/photographer. I’m glad you’re doing writing as well as photography because your writing is highly entertaining and intelligent and it is fun to snoop in on your life.

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