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We talked last week about why you should start blog for your creative small business

I just wanted to layout a couple FIRST steps on how to start a blog:

  1. Choose a name (and URL)
    If you have already started your creative small business, you have probably already chosen a company name. When you go to set up your blog, you may have to be creative about the URL but this is clearly the place to start.
  2. Choose a blogging platform
    I’ve used blogger (Google’s free platform) in the past. I know is pretty versatile, and I think Typepad is popular …. but I don’t really have enough experience with the pros/cons of all of those to steer you either way.
    I personally think it best to get your own URL (instead of or and self-host (I use Host Gator).
    So many different reasons for this : including having you’re own URL (w/o blogspot or wordpress) is more professional. Not only that, but you have FAR more options for your web-presence (if you want to host your own shopping cart you can put it on the same URL as your blog that people are already using).
  3. Sign-up or open the account
    If you decide to self-host, email me. I’m offering the full-setup including post setup consultations. I set up LemonandRaspberry.
    As far as I know, and are pretty easy to sign-up for and start. You need an email address. Typepad probably also requires a credit card.
  4. Write write write
    Just GO FOR IT! I make sure to ALWAYS keep notes when I think of blog post ideas. This way I don’t have to *wait* for inspiration to strike, but when I go to blog, there’s a whole list of ideas to start from (which is how I’m able to blog so often).
    Don’t be afraid to start. You can ALWAYS edit what you’ve already posted.
    You can TOTALLY do it.

P.S. If you decide to self-host, and need to find a WordPress theme, I really like this simple theme for a portfolio/image-centric blog

Have you started your creative small business blog yet?

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