How to host a conference for writers

Hahaha! Just kidding. I have no idea. I mean, I did it recently, but that doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing :)

On March 30 and 31, the company I work for hosted a conference for indie authors. And I basically ran the whole thing.

I’m working on journaling ALL OF THE DETAILS for myself (thinking about printing out all the pages and tucking it in my Project Life album). The document has barely scratched the surface and it’s already like 4000 words. … and I keep being reminded of more. But in the meantime, here’s a tiny bit of an overview.

Last summer, the guys asked me to plan a conference for our audience. Now, keep in mind I have never in my life even been to an event of this size let alone plan one. But. You know. They trust me. And I can figure it out. Probably.

Fortunately, my mom HAS planned events like this so she helped me figure out all the things I needed to remember and think about and answer questions about. So I wasn’t totally flying blind. I spent months and months and months trying to plan this all in between all my other work (and still part-time). We didn’t make any money. We MIGHT have broke even. I’m sure I made mistakes …

Putting together the Smarter Artist Summit was … HARD. It was chaotic. Especially having to try to fit it around all my other work. The last month leading up to the event was SO full and stressful and my face totally broke out and I just know I have so many more gray hairs and all of it.

I basically did everything except invite the speakers and write the email blasts to promote. But everything to do with putting the actual physical experience together was on me (and, fortunately, the dozens of volunteers).

sas  002

But in spite of all that stress, it GENUINELY still exceeded all my expectations. The speakers were so smart, and I think everyone learned something no matter how far they were in their career.

sas  009

But my personal favorite part was the attendees. Everyone was so generous and kind and I could not have done this without them. I had more volunteers than I could use. And then in addition to that I had people going out of their way to buy me gifts, or lunch or physically take things out of my arms to help me.

I got to see friends from previous events and spend time with them which I LOVED. But I also got to meet so many new people. Not everyone that was there (disappointing), but I have all kinds of phone numbers and contact info for new friends that I am hoping to be able to connect with over the next year.

The attendees were all amazing.

More photos here and here.

sas  018

I tried to articulate it a bit in the caption of this photo.

I wish that I had had more time to hang out with everyone in between the actual event itself. I think several people are planning to come into town for a whole week next time. And we’re going to adjust the order of the events so post-Summit is more relaxed and more able to be social.

I am so very much looking forward to it!


Thursday night, after the Summit, about 40 of us all went out to karaoke and then out to a bar after that. I know one person specifically just stayed up all night before catching his flight at 6am. I love these people and I could not be more excited about next year.

In fact … we have already started selling tickets for next year’s event — even though we don’t have dates, a location or any speakers at all. And as of right now we’ve sold almost 10 already. Not too shabby.

Sterling & Stone isn’t my company, but I’m proud to be on the team. If you want to be in the loop for next year’s event or anything else the guys are working on you can sign up for the email list here:

I was *exhausted* and stayed in bed for several days afterward but it was totally worth it.

RECOMMENDED: I actually was *just* on a podcast episode last week talking about the event, if you want to hear some of the specific stories …. The guys recorded a couple podcast episodes about it too here more professionally mostly about the community and here totally NSFW but I join the show halfway through.

**SIDENOTE** Should I start focusing more on writing and being an indie author? Are you at all interested in that kind of content? It’s a big part of my life, but I’m not sure it belongs on this site. It’s ok to tell me to leave it out :)

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Your RIGHT NOW Story: 30 Days of Lists March 2016

Amy  005

What are you doing next month?

I hope it’s telling your story.

Last year at this time my life was falling apart. But I still did 30 Days of Lists as I have every March since 2011. Because I have a story. Sometimes it’s a hard story. Sometimes it’s a light story.

But it’s always my story.

Kam has written a great post about the 30 Days of List project here. The nuts & bolts and why Lists and probably answers all the questions you have.

But I want to talk about your story.

How are you making your mark? How are you recording your experiences? How are you indicating to yourself that you matter?

Because, my love, YOU MATTER. Your story is worth telling. Your weekly to-do list or your dreams for the future. All of that is worth writing down or recording in some way.

And you may not have time to make a big ol’ scrapbook, or write out your memoirs.

But I promise that you have time to make a list. Just 1 list every day for 30 days. In a community of women who are all working on recording their story in the same way.

#30Lists has this wonderful, personal magic to it. And I hope you’ll come on the journey with us.

Click here to register and join us!

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I feel stupid: On intellectual challenges

I feel stupid. Or, rather … I don’t feel like I’m as smart as I used to be. And I’m not totally sure why that is.

I’m an English major (totally stereotypical). Between my undergraduate and graduate school, I spent ~6 years immersed in critical analysis of novels and other texts. But that ended almost 10 years ago.

And in those 10 years I have gotten out of the practice of that analysis. Of that deep thinking and making connections between seemingly unrelated things. And as I work on my first novels, trying to make them worthy of being categorized in the ‘literary fiction’ genre, I want those skills back.

I feel stupid.

critical analysisMaybe because I miss academia.

Maybe because I work with people much smarter than me.

Maybe because I spent last year reading a lot of just-ok YA novels.

Maybe because I haven’t actively created or launched any new products in about 2 years.

I need to fix this. I don’t like feeling stupid.

All my belongings were delivered on Friday, so I now have all my books again. Including books like this and this and this which will absolutely scratch that academia itch. I’ve been reading a lot of ebooks lately, and I miss having the physical books. Physical books with orange pen in hand.

Some plans and ideas I have ….

  • Read (and re-read) the lit-crit books I already have.
  • Read (and re-read) the novels I studied in college/grad school
  • Actively seek out academic journals and papers
  • Deliberately make notes about the books I’m reading
  • Write academic papers?

I mean that last one …. seems like such an indulgence. Writing academic articles as a hobby? What would I do with them? I can’t imagine them being good enough for any kind of publication. But the practice of articulating my ideas might be useful?

I’m not sure. What do you think?

I DO have my Master’s thesis (and I’ve mentioned this before) …. it’s about Harry Potter and memory and material culture, and I wrote it before the 7th book came out. I’ve long wanted to revise it (substantially) and self-publish it in case anyone else out there is a super-nerd like me. Maybe this will be the year I finish that.

I’ve been doing morning pages, which helps some. But it’s still not that academic critique that I (genuinely) love.

I need a challenge.

Recommendations? What do you do to challenge yourself intellectually?



Why I’m moving to Austin

austin  028I moved to Austin, Texas this weekend.

If you had asked me a couple years if I would ever move to Texas I would have laughed at you. Laughed in your face. It probably would have been rude, actually, but I mean…. C’mon. Texas???

And then I made friends with Sean Platt.

Let’s back up …  

Last year at this time my life started falling apart, so in order to feel like I had some kind of control I started grasping for a plan. Any plan. What could I do to take control back of my life?    

I could move. I could give myself a true fresh start in some place else entirely.

I love L.A. I really do. But I was tired of it. Too expensive. Too much traffic. Too many bad memories.

I didn’t have any reason to stay in Los Angeles, and plenty of reasons to move somewhere else. Anywhere else. So I started from scratch …. What are my priorities? What do I want in a city? What do I not want?

A partial list …

  • I want to live somewhere that I already know people
  • I want to live somewhere I can afford to buy a house within the next couple years, that I can afford to not have to get a full-time day job and that will allow me to be able to save money or spend it on travel
  • I don’t want to have to drive in the snow
  • I’d prefer to live somewhere liberal and creative if possible

 There’s more. And nowhere is perfect, really. If I had more of a regular income right now this would be a totally different decision. 

The primary factor came down to where I know people. I mean, to be honest, because of the miracle of the internet I have friends everywhere. All over the country, for sure, and if I were to go to Germany or Australia I could scrounge up a couple coffee dates too.

But the only places I know more than 1 or 2 people are Los Angeles (which we’ve already eliminated), Phoenix (where Andrew and I got married and lived several years. It would not really be starting over), Couer d’Alene, Idaho (but the only people I know there is Andrew’s extended family. Also, snow) …. Portland and Austin.

Which narrows my choices down to Portland, OR and Austin, TX …

austin  047

Portland is gorgeous and amazing, and I do know about 3 people there.

But in Austin’s favor ….

… The cost of living is slightly lower than Portland. Which leaves me more a buffer to build up my freelance income, will let me buy a house sooner and travel more.

… I have a lot of friends there. A lot. And a couple more planning to move in the next few months. I already have a monthly dinner date with several friends, 2 of them went and looked at apartments for me.

… Because the company I work for is more or less headquartered in Austin, I would be traveling there every 6 months (at least) anyway. This company has big big plans for the next few years, so if I stay with them it will make more and more sense for me to be living in that city.

The dinner table photo above is of a bunch of writer friends I saw when I was in Austin last September. These are the people I’ll be seeing regularly now.

I’m not saying I’m married to Austin (in fact, I’ve been fantasizing about living in Washington DC if I could afford it). I could totally see myself living in Rome for 3 months or renting a cabin near Yellowstone for a summer. But right now, this is the best option for me.

I am so excited to be starting over here!

Have you ever been to Austin? What did you think?



January RESET: Action Steps

Last of the January RESET prompts! By now you should have a pretty good idea of how you’re going to move forward to make this the best year ever!

I love love love the new fresh start beginnings of the year. I love planning. I love how much I have to look forward to this year.

If this is the first you’re hearing about it, check out earlier posts:

SO! Moving on to this week! ACTION STEPS

Action steps are basically … breaking down your bigger goal into smaller, more manageable pieces. It’s all well and good to say I’m going to publish 6 novels this year, but there are A LOT of smaller steps built into that. First I have to finish 1 rough draft … then revise that draft. Then polish that draft. Then cover, then marketing, then get it to market, etc. Times 6.

Action steps.

For another look, read: Stop trying to change your entire life in one night

You’ll probably notice that this section is a bit shorter than the other weekly prompts. Not because Action Steps are less important or less content-heavy than Reflection or anything else. The opposite actually.

But breaking down all of my 19 million action steps for these big goals would just be way too cumbersome for my January RESET book as it is. I really prefer physical notebooks for this kind of to-do-list planning. I

Rest assured that I know “write 3 more rough drafts” is not a proper action step for getting books published. But all my 75,000 pages of to-dos don’t need to be here.

The photo that will go in that pocket (once it is printed) is this one — my current, rough list of everything I need to do to revive this site. Let’s be honest. I’ve kind of ignored growing L&R for the last 18 months or so. It’s still here, yes, but I’m not at all using this asset as I could. That’s one of my goals this year, and these are my action steps.

For my big big big goal, I’m using one of the Quick Pages from the January RESET digital kit.

reset action  002

Then just a couple of blank white sheets, to break down my other big big goals into smaller, manageable steps.

(again, I will reiterate that I KNOW this isn’t all the steps I need. Making my Italy 2009 photo album requires still editing the photos, for example).

It helps my brain so much to have this all written out. I am a big fan of long brain dumps. (I think I’m due for one soon).

reset action  004

And then the final bit of this section is another Quick Page. No excuses. Yes, publishing 6 books in the next 11 months will be hard as hell. But no excuses.

reset action  005

The next time I will update this will be early April. Every 3 months seems like the perfect time to check-in to see what has been done, what still needs to be done, what targets need to be adjusted or what goals needs to be thrown out altogether.

What are your Action Steps this week?



January RESET: Goals

Another week of January RESET. Another week to intentionally set my goals and direction for the year …

This week’s prompt is GOALS.

I admit, I jotted down some cursory goals back on December 28 or so. I just love the new year and fresh start and I’ve been thinking about what I want 2016 to look like for weeks.

But I also love being deliberate and intentional about it, and I’m glad I waited until this week to actually record them for my January RESET book. I had some time to think about it. I took the time to reflect on last year and why I didn’t meet my goals and really decide if this is how I want to spend my time in the coming year.

I have been using the RESET digital kit designed by Alexandra Rae Design (with some input from me). It includes lovely word art, prompts and elements, as well as pre-made quick pages to get you started right away. This kit can be used any time, but throughout January, Allie and I will be leading the way through reflecting on the past year and resetting for the year ahead using this kit as a base.

There are some great word-art and quick page for this in the RESET kit, but as always, make it your own.

First, you *might* notice a little something on the left. Between the Today is For page and this one, I am thinking about inserting 2 large 6×8 photos (there is an empty 6×8 page protector there now). I haven’t totally decided. Likely a selfie for at least one, but I don’t know how I feel about it yet … Still thinking.

This first page is a little bit more of … transition. A ‘right now’-type journaling card, and a couple little journaled paragraphs. Some of this is just encouragement to myself — writing it down makes it more real.

reset goals 1

Next, I’ve included another one of the monthly focus calendars. Obviously, nothing is checked off because it’s not yet February. My One Little Word for 2016 will help guide a lot of my goals and plans, so obviously I needed to create a card for that.

And then I’m using one of the Quick Pages from the RESET kit. A year from now …. Those are my main (big) goals for the year. I have some smaller goals, and other hopes-to-happen. But those are the big things I will be focusing on.

reset goals 2

You’ll notice my number one goal is to Publish 6 books. That’s not quite as ambitious as it sounds, considering three of them are very close to being done. I will still need to write several new books to make that goal, and it absolutely will be a stretch to publish all 6 in 2016 …. But I think I can do it.

(spoiler: If I can’t quite do 6 I’ll still have published more than I have now. Which is zero).

My goal to publish 6 books is going to drive all my decisions this year. Do I want to binge-watch that TV show? Not if I haven’t done my writing for the day. Do I want to attend that conference? Not if I need the money for editors or book covers.

Luckily I work for some of the biggest names in self-publishing, and just learning from them will help me avoid some of the bigger mistakes …. But it still is going to be A LOT of work.

I like work like this, though.

The next page is about my goal to make myself a new home. I don’t really have a home now. The house I shared with Andrew has been sold and 98% of my belongings are in a storage unit in California. I need a home.

I took a ‘before’ photo of the crowded bedroom at my parents’ I am living in now. I am SO grateful for the opportunity to live here while I transition, but it is definitely not a long-term solution.

By next December I want to have moved to Austin, Texas, and feel like I have made myself a home. Unpack all the boxes. Hang wall art. All of it.

reset goals 3

The next page is about my memory keeping goals. I did … virtually nothing in 2014. And only started again at the end of 2015. I have a lot of stories I want to record. And I plan to live a lot more stories that want to be recorded. The photo I got printed is this onetravel scrapbooking is going to be a priority in 2016. I’ve got big plans for that.

And then 4 journaling cards:

  • I want to take a minimum of 3 trips this year. I’ve already been on 1. I have a 2nd mostly planned. The third one can be anything (although I will probably visit a friend or friends in the midwest)
  • My income goal is …. modest by overall standards, but still quite a leap for me. Remember just 6 months ago I was basically a housewife. Now I am supporting myself completely.
  • The Top Ten is 10 big goals all listed out. …. Some are specific (like publish 6 books), some are fun and loose (like live magically). That will be my 2016. It all fits on one card.

reset goals 4

Products pictured are from the January RESET digital kit by Allie Scraps, also Studio Calico and Ali Edwards.

What are your goals for this year?

Next week will be the final prompt of January — Action Steps. This is the part where I actually figure out how to make it all happen. Breaking down all of these into specific action steps is going to take some time … This next week I’ll be working on that and share with you on Monday.



January RESET: Right Now

If this is your first time hearing about the project, check out Allie’s full page here and my last week’s prompt REFLECTION and my pages here.

This is very seriously new favorite project. I am so excited to invite you to reflect along with me throughout the month of January…. And I’m already looking forward to reviewing my progress in a few months and doing it all again next January.

SO great!

Throughout the month I will post different journaling prompts and topics to help you review the year behind and RESET for the year ahead.

I have been using the RESET digital kit designed by Alexandra Rae Design (with some input from me). It includes lovely word art, prompts and elements, as well as pre-made quick pages to get you started right away. This kit can be used any time, but throughout January, Allie and I will be leading the way through reflecting on the past year and resetting for the year ahead using this kit as a base.

There are some great word-art and quick page for this in the RESET kit, but as always, make it your own.

A reminder that this project is YOURS too. If you want to skip the quick pages altogether … If you want to double-up on the last-year-reflection. If you want to use only the kit or none of the kit.

My pages are meant to be an inspiration and a loose guideline — but I’d love to see your take too. Please leave a link in the comments if you are posting your January RESET project!

On to this week’s pages … on the prompt RIGHT NOW:

This week’s prompt is all about RIGHT NOW. How am I feeling, what am I doing, how am I spending my time. A good, thorough check-in…

Actually … I feel like this first new spread is still part of the REFLECTION prompt.

I have several of those blank Month / Focus cards, and will try to do the whole year, recording how often I am making the time to work on my books.

The blank spot on the right will be this photo (needs to be printed). This is my right now. It was literally taken just a few days ago. It represents where I am RIGHT NOW in my life — totally flexible schedule and independence to jaunt off to an Airbnb for a week to do nerdy history touristy things by myself.

I LOVE IT. I am so so happy that this is what my RIGHT NOW looks like. This photo and what it represents makes me so happy.

reset  015

You’ll notice the background of my album looks different than last week — that’s because I’m actually working from an Airbnb this week rather than my usual home. I love that. I love that I can work from anywhere.

This next page begins the small ‘right now’ section. About what I want to cut out of my life. About the opportunities and structure I have to my life right now.

It’s so very 100% different than my Right Now was a year ago. And so worth documenting. I’m already excited to see how my Right Now will look different in January 2017.

reset  016

The back side of that page is a quick jot-down of what today looks like. Literally today. Monday, January 11. I am still in my Airbnb in Richmond as I type this, planning on stopping by some plantations on my drive back home to Virginia Beach. What my work today looks like. What my brain today looks like.

(The 3×4 cards on the right are just place-holders at the moment. I haven’t decided what that next page will look like as of this posting)

reset  018

‘Today is for’ and ‘Just for Me’ journaling cards are from the kit, as well as the ‘Just say No’, ‘Right now I’ and ‘Today is for…’ prompt strips. Other cards are from Studio Calico, Midnight core kit, Ali Edwards, Kelly Purkey and made by me (and Kellie Stamps).

You’ll notice this section is a lot smaller than the previous (and likely the section for the next prompt). This is for a few reasons, but really it’s more of a transition prompt than anything else. I don’t have anything more than this to say about my right now.

This is my right now. … and now I’m ready to move forward for the year!

What does your RIGHT NOW look like?

Next week will be about my big 2016 goals! I have been thinking about these for a few weeks, but waiting to actually document anything specifically. I am super excited about the next January RESET pieces.



January RESET: Reflection

Welcome to the January RESET project! Throughout the month I will post different journaling prompts and topics to help you review the year behind and RESET for the year ahead.

I will be using the brand new RESET digital kit designed by Alexandra Rae Design (with some input from me). It includes lovely word art, prompts and elements, as well as pre-made quick pages to get you started right away.

The first week of the year is for Reflection on the year behind us.

**insert manic laughter**

Oh. Yea. Thinking long and hard about what happened in 2015 is going to be so fuuuuuunnnnnn.

I almost skipped this step altogether. Because obviously I KNOW what went wrong in 2015. Nearly everything negative last year stems back to one single thing that I had no control over. One single thing that will obviously not be a factor in 2016.

How much can I possibly get out of Reflection this week?

But I did it anyway. Because (shocker) I don’t actually know everything and self-examination is always useful.

reset  001

I love my title page. I love the simplicity. That ‘OKAY, let’s try that again’ journaling card is from Studio Calico. I’m not exactly sure when or how it came into my possession but it is SO perfect, right?

I love that photo of me with the flag. I realize it makes me look more patriotic than I probably am, but I love it. I was happy that day. I was doing something that I love (vacation in Washington DC) and I was moving forward from the heartbreak of earlier in the year. My only disappointment is it is a cell phone photo, so the image file isn’t terribly large. I’ll survive.

Turn the page … and a bit more introductory pages …

I have left the ‘This is my WHY’ page blank for these photos. Only because that is super super personal journaling, and it was easier to take the photo first, rather than blur it all out for the blog post. You will likely see a lot of that kind of thing in my pages throughout January. This is a very personal, and at time private project. Yes, I would love you all to join me throughout the month, but this album is my own little space and I will be writing things that are just for me.

reset  002

That mirror selfie is from my trip to Austin in September. When I saw some of my closest friends, met new people in my industry and let myself be talked into moving there. I felt super cute that day. I love this photo of me.

The ‘Dear Self’ 3×4 card is Ali Edwards. The 2016 filler card is Studio Calico. And on it I have handwritten a bunch of different words/phrases that mean RESET.

The THIS IS MY WHY printable page is included in the RESET digital kit, and I’ve backed it with just white cardstock. I have a lot to say on the topic :)

Turn the page …

More cards from Ali, Studio Calico, and that RESET kit.

More reminding myself 2016 is a new beginning. Some More / Less journaling. Basically it comes down to more things that I love and find MAGIC …. less things that I do just because I’ve always done them.

More being intentional with how I spend my time and money. Less being lazy about how I spend my time and money.

reset  003

Turn the page … more digital kit and Studio Calico journaling cards. A photo of me on a trip to Alexandria. In front of an enormous statue of George Washington!

I debated with what photo I wanted to put there. Again, wanted it to be something I loved in 2015 … but in this case, Washington will actually figure in my 2016 as well. It’s not a great photo if you want to see ME, but it’s a great photo for my life right now.

In designing the kit, Allie and I didn’t really specify which pages or elements go where. There’s no rules for how to use this kit, and if you want to save this quick page for next October or not use it at all, that works well too.

You’ll notice I didn’t bother to list out all the ways my 2015 was absolutely the worst year of my life. No reason for that. There are some smaller things from last year that I can work on, though. The WORKING card lists good parts I want to carry forward, the NOT WORKING card lists what I want to put behind me.

reset  004

This week’s focus is to look back at the last year. With honest eyes. What went right and what went wrong. What do you want more of and what do you need to say no to?

That’s it for now!

And, actually … I realized as I was putting this blog post together that I have more wins from 2015 that I didn’t document. I should. I’ve just been operating under the “2015 sucked, let’s move on” mentality, but actually some good things happened.

Like, I lost 30 pounds! Granted it was all anxiety-and-grief-driven lack of appetite. But still. I’ve kept it off so that’s something.

So, yes, I’m publishing this post as-is, but I will likely change around and add to these pages. Because the WINS are definitely worth recording.

So my REFLECTION section will get a bit bigger …. and then move into the RIGHT NOW section that I’ll show you next week.

(spoiler: It’s not actually done yet, because my intention is to complete these pages and this challenge along with you. I’ll record my RIGHT NOW sometime in the next week to share next Monday)

Are you RESETting this January? How was your process of looking back over the past year?

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One Little Word 2016: MAGIC

I love love love the practice of choosing a word to focus on every year.

After the last couple years … I need some fun in my life. I need something special. I need something larger than life. I need to be with people who care about me. I need to go on adventures and create things and hit my goals and feel good about myself.

I need magic in my life.

My One Little Word for 2016 is MAGIC

I’m taking Ali’s OLW course again! You can sign up on her site here. It’s a great price for a year-long reminder and prompts to help you stay focused on your word. Not an affiliate. I just love her.

A short list of some of the things I find magical:

  • travel
  • fiction
  • musicals
  • Muppets
  • hitting goals
  • storytelling
  • American History
  • laughter
  • singing and singers (like Adele and Freddy Mercury)
  • fresh starts
  • love
  • scrapbooking and memory keeping
  • being independent and strong
  • Harry Potter

So far my plans for 2016 include …

…. Moving to Austin, to be near my writer friends and to live in a place that is inexpensive enough that I can afford to travel more often. A truly fresh start.

…. Travel to Richmond on my own to spend a week taking in all the Civil War history and battlefields around.

…. Traveling to New York City, to see the musical Hamilton (it’s about American History, yo. It’s like it was written for me)

…. Tentative trip to Chicago to see friends, see Hamilton AND Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with said friends

…. Publish 4 novels. Write first drafts of 3 novels. Read all the how-to-write and creativity books I can find (Big Magic is already on my kindle).

…. Revel in fiction. Be more deliberate about the fiction I choose to read. Return to my M.A. in Literature roots by putting the priority on reading classic literary fiction that I love, rather than whatever new trendy Y.A. fantasy books just to see what the masses are reading.

Seems like a lot in a list like that …. I seriously cannot wait!!

But in addition to all of this …. I need to remind myself that I AM MAGIC.

I’m also going to use the word MAGIC to remind myself how awesome I am. 2015 destroyed me and my self-confidence. Which is ridiculous, because I’m awesome.


2016 is going to be amazing!

P.S. I’ll be emailing more about my year of MAGIC, so be sure you’re on the list here to get those missives.


in dreaming and planning, FIND YOUR GREAT WORK, TELL YOUR STORY

I’m starting over.

I mean. In everything. Almost literally everything in my life is starting over.

Including my memory keeping. I am starting fresh with a new album beginning with the last part of 2015.

Best part of declaring bankruptcy? I’m not even going to pretend that I will ever “catch up”. I will edit and back up those photos so I have them, but that’s it. I might, one day, print out one or 2. But I have no intention of scrapbooking 2014 or the first part of 2015.

 (related sidenote: I have also just declared email bankruptcy, so if I owe you an email please resend it)

My new Project Life album begins July 30, 2015. The day I left my home in California with a van full of boxes and my cats and started driving all the way across country.

I had 5 days of road-tripping to get to Virginia, and added in several extra photos of my rental van all packed full.

Now that I’m looking at these pages, I realize I want to add a list of everything I put in the van. Maybe I’ll hide it behind one of the photos ….

Products used include by Kelly Purkey, Ali Edwards, Studio Calico, Project Life and rukristin papercrafts.

PL  001

I’m sticking with what works for me. No point in trying to overthink it or reinvent anything. For my daily life, I like to use Project Life pocket pages design A. I like photos + journaling cards. I like little-to-no embellishments.

I will mostly stick with a 2-page-spread per week (Monday to Sunday), but weeks that are especially boring I may combine 2 weeks together.

Anything big (like my travel or history-related-day-trips) get their own albums.

This road-trip in particular was VERY emotionally difficult, and I had a lot of things to say that aren’t included in these pages. I maintained a small moleskine notebook over these 5 days (where my receipts and hotel keys and things are too), that is kept separately. Or maybe I’ll stick it in a page projector in between some of these? Hmmm…

PL  002

I cannot tell you how good it feels to be starting over fresh. To not feel guilty about being “behind”. To have freed myself from the perceived obligation.

I am genuinely excited about memory keeping again.

PL  003

Which is why I am so excited that my friend Megan will be running her AMAZING class Pocket Your Year again in 2016! (The sign-up should be up any day here)

I am so inspired to try new techniques and to tell all these stories of my new life. Megan does a fantastic job of fitting so many stories into her pocket scrapbooking album, and I can’t wait to learn from her.

Join me for Pocket Your Year in 2016. Set yourself up for a productive 2016 in the best way possible.

P.S. I won’t be posting my Project Life projects on the blog, but sign up for my email list for glimpses throughout the year.